Issue Essay Examples

Environmental Issue

The current concern of our environmentalist nowadays is how to bring back the bountiful natural resources of our venue of living before. This is just a dream but this can be true because nowadays everything is possible. It is, indeed, a great challenge of this environmentalist to provide solutions of the problems manifested in our… View Article

Environmental Issue

Poor waste management is one of the major problems that have vast social-ecological and economic negative effects on a global scale. This has resulted from the fast growth of the urban centers which form the main source of wastes and its poor management by the respective authorities. Indeed, over 90% of the total major cities… View Article

The issue on war

The issue on war in our society today is sure to stir a hot debate. Much more among Christian circles. After 9/11 and the continuing war in Iraq, Americans and the world in general, had become divided along sharp lines. Most conservatives are more likely to support war while the liberals are more likely to… View Article

Critical Issue in Education

Education is the key determinant of development in any country in the contemporary world. Human capital development plays an important role in the overall development of any country. Schools have a common mission of providing students with developmentally appropriate education which emphasize high academic performance in addition to the student becoming socially responsible. In the… View Article

Current International Issue

Patents and copyrights are meant to recognize and protect intellectual properties. They give exclusive rights of claim to individuals and companies, the right to publish manufacture and print materials. Patenting of goods ensure that the force and brains behind a certain invention or artwork gets recognition and earns loyalties for the handiwork. The past few… View Article