Israel/Hezbollah conflict Essay

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Israel/Hezbollah conflict

To be able to discuss the latest Israel/Hizbollah conflict, I need to go back to the year 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon to drive Yasser Arafat and his militia out of the southern part of that country. Israel succeeded in its original objective, but during the occupation of Lebanon, Hizbollah came to life, and when Israel withdrew in 2000, Hizbollah established itself as a powerful militia supported, financially and militarily, by Syria and Iran.

Hizbollah kept on strengthening itself until it reached a point of becoming at the level of a state within Lebanon; it has its own military personnel and equipment, it has its own financial resources, and it is capable of keeping the tensions high with Israel because of a small piece of land called the Shebaa farms that was still under occupation.

Because of Hizbollah’s alliance with Syria and Iran, it became the hand of those two countries in the region; implementing their policies rather than the policies that are in the interest of Lebanon, and on the 12th of July, 2006, Hizbollah attacked northern Israel with mortars and rockets and its militia members crossed the blue line (the Internationally recognized border), attacked a military post, killed a number of Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two.

The fact that an independent state was under attack led the Israeli politicians and military officials to take the decision to defend their country against Hizbollah, to bring back the two kidnapped soldiers and to destroy the military capabilities of the militia group in a way that it will not be able to attack the state of Israel in the future. The Israeli response came in the form of a massive and complete aerial and land attacks on positions in the southern parts of Lebanon and on the southern district of its capital, Beirut, where Hizbollah is well-established.

The war went on for more than a month, causing many deaths and destruction in both countries, especially in Lebanon, because of the unjustifiable action of Hizbollah. A ceasefire was enforced by the UN and International forces are still being deployed in Southern Lebanon to maintain the ceasefire and prevent further hostilities. The UN resolution 1701 also states that Hizbollah must be disarmed. Thank you.

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