Islamic Essay Examples

Understand Islamic

Prior to September 11, the United States approached the concept of Islam with a quiet ignorance. Those who had no idea of the level of dedication Islamic people will go to protect their ideas saw the radical Muslim as a religious fanatic who rejects the modern world and mistreats his women. (Kimball) Charles Kimble in… View Article

Impact of Turks and Mongols on the Islamic world

The Turks and Mongols are two races that are an integral part in shaping the Islamic World as we know it today. Their roles in Islamic History are still visible when looking at the Islamic world in the present. The roots of Islam could be traced after the death of The Prophet, Muhammad. The early… View Article

The Qur’an and Islamic Law Do Not Discriminate Against Women

“Treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. ” From the last sermon of Prophet Mohammed The perception of most of the world, except possible the one-sixth of it that follows Islam, is that Islam and Qur’an preached that women must be subservient to men. Everyone… View Article

Islamic Law

Quran and Sunnah are the fundamental sources of Islamic Shariah. When the solution to the arising problems is not available in these sources, Ijtihad is used to reach an appropriate solution in Islamic jurisprudence. Secondary sources of Islamic Shariah like Ijma, Qiyas, Istihsan and Maslahah are also forms of Ijtihad. These secondary sources provide a… View Article

Islamic scholars

Western philosophy of religion, as the basic ancestor of modern religious studies, is differentiated from theology and the many Eastern philosophical traditions by generally being written from a third party perspective. “Islamicization of the West”, is the diffusion and assimilation of Islamic culture in the West. This is distinct from Islamization that means the conscious… View Article

Modern Day Church’s View of Suicide as Opposed to Islamic Views

Suicide, the foreknowledge that a person’s death will result from self caused actions, has reached epic proportions in recent decades. The World Health Organization states “more people are dying from suicide than from all the armed conflicts around the world. ” (Donnelly, 106). This practice presents an ethical dilemma that is ultimately a matter of… View Article

Hebrew and Islamic Mythology

While science and religion are notorious for their contentious and often violently contrasting relationship, they bear much in common in their agenda. Both set out to provide explanations for the world’s mysteries. And as such, they also share a large hand of unanswered questions. Perhaps chief among them, the question of the earth’s creation, and… View Article

Islamic Finance & Critical Success Factors

I Would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people who contributed their time and effort and provided their insight in enabling the compilation of this report, it is with much regret that all of their names cannot be mentioned individually here, however special mention needs to be made of certain individuals, without… View Article