Islam Essay Examples

Religious Education Coursework Assignment

COURSEWORK QUESTION: a) (i) What is Hajj? (ii) Describe and explain why a Muslim would take part in Hajj and what this involves [40] b) (i) Explain the meaning and significance of the events of Hajj for a Muslim. (ii) What difficulties might there be for a Muslim performing Hajj? (iii) How might participating in… View Article

Ceremony of marriage in Islam

In Islam, marriages are a very important event most Muslim weddings are arranged, in order for an arranged marriage to take place both the boys/girls side must give consent, with arranged marriages both families make sure that the boy’s/girl’s (and their family’s) reputation and history is accepted in society and that they have no flaws… View Article

Islam spread rapidly

I went through various different websites on the internet trying to find out why Islam was spread so rapidly, I found so many diverse answers, but the most answer that I kept on finding was ‘The Sword’. The sword is when Muslims give non-Muslims two options, either they convert to Islam or they have to… View Article

Islam’s Problems come from within

* Criticism of propaganda type which world leaders try to persuade the world “this isn’t about Islam” * Rushdie argues that by giving examples how it is a) support of Bin Laden b) the Islamic together coming for the jihad c) the anti-Semitism blaming Jews for the September 11th issues etc. * Rushdie suggests a… View Article

An Insight Into Prophecy: Infallibility

Plato once remarked that a community could produce its ideal leader and guide by handpicking a select few and exposing them to an intricate balance of gymnastics and classical music. Apart from the emasculating effect of such a course of action, it no doubt falls short of the prophetic paradigm. Prophets are an important vehicle… View Article

How Islam responds to Relationships

Introduction Throughout this project, the intention of the information is to answer the question: How does the religion of Islam respond to issues on relationships? All through this Booklet, I have kept in mind to focus on the ideas of Islamic relationships and what this means to a Muslim, in the Islamic definition. In Islam… View Article

Why did Sunni & Shia split?

During the first thirty years after Prophet Mohammed’s death, four Khalifahs, who were the Prophets dearest friends, governed Muslims. The new Khalifah was to be someone who had been with the Prophet in Mecca and Madinah, qualified to pass on correct hadith, and whose life was very similar to the Prophet’s. The word Khalifah means… View Article

Muhannad – Arabia, in 600CE

In Arabia, in 600CE, two large tribes called the Quaraish and the Hanifs inhabited a sacred city known as Makkah. The most important tribe in Makkah at this time were the Quaraish. The Quaraish consisted of merchants who had control over the Ka’bah (an ancient temple) and Makkah’s water supply. This tribe organised protection for… View Article

The Religion of Baha’i

The religion of Baha’i is a young religion with older roots in traditional religions such as Islam. The first Baha’is were followers of Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri, an Iranian Persian born to a noble family in Tehran, and came to be known as Baha Allah. The Baha’i followers consider Palestine to be the most Holy… View Article

Creating a united ummah between 622 and 632

Explain and comment on the ways in which Muhammad set about creating a united ummah between 622 and 632 Key to explaining the creation of the united ummah is the admission by Islam of the wars that were necessary in achieving their aim. The Muslim belief about 622 is that Muhammad and the muhajirun who… View Article

Outline Muslim teachings on wealth and poverty

Poverty: a state of being poor the status of having no money to take care of yourself and the basic needs of life such as, food, clothing and housing. Muslims believes poverty to be as a test to mankind form god. There are different types of evil and suffering which cause poverty such as: ?… View Article

The life of Muhammad

Islam The word Islam means surrender, obedience or peace. Followers of Islam believe Islam to be the only way to gain peace of heart and mind and in society as a whole. The holy book of Islam is the Qur’an. The Qur’an is said to be the word of God as said by the prophet… View Article

The history of the Islamic faith

Introduction This is a topic on the Muslims {Islam}. I will be covering the history of the Islamic faith. I will also be talking about the mosques and I will give a drawing on one. I will mention Ramadan and what it is like for a kid to fast in the month of Ramadan. I… View Article

Salaah, the second pillar of Islam

In this project I will propose to deal with one of the most important major exercises of faith as laid down by Islam. This is prayer (Salaah). Salaah is the second pillar of Islam. It refers to the five compulsory daily prayers. Salaah is the most special act of worship, which a Muslim can do… View Article

The Qur’an acts as a complete guide to life

The Qur’an is the Holy Book for Muslims; they believe it is the word of God ‘Kitab al Allah’. The Qur’an is a Muslims greatest treasure and an absolute guide to live ‘this is the book, in its guidance sure without doubt’; the Qur’an is also seen as the main source of Law in Islam…. View Article