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Is cloning the way of the future Essay

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Is cloning the way of the future

Dolly was born on 5 July 1996 at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh. She was cloned by scientists replaced the nucleus of the egg cell with the nucleus from the parent cell – in Dolly’s case, an udder cell. Somehow, the egg cell reprogrammed the donated DNA contained within its new nucleus, and Dolly was the result. The different types of cloning: There are many different types of cloning but the two main types are reproductive and therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning is the process of making natural humans being for example, twins as it is done for the purpose of making human beings.

Reproductive cloning has a great effect on future cloning as, demonstrates ways of how we can adapt ideas of easier methods of cloning plus it also helps us analyse and research on the key accepts Therapeutic cloning is when; a clone is created for a particular need or purpose. Therapeutic cloning is again a great adaptation create to help future medicine and understanding, helping us to reduce the risk of diseases caused by faulty genes. These two are also examples of natural and unnatural cloning as, reproductive clones produce twins, and therapeutic cloning is when scientist use it for medicine and to improve human living quality.

How is cloning used? Cloning has many various uses, as it can benefit us in many ways, with our ever expanding medical. Some examples of the numerous uses are:  Using it to create identical clones, and then obtaining the stems cells and using them to correct faulty genes, with out the fear of the cells being rejected.  Using it for selective breeding- for example plants that produce the nice and juicy strawberries can be cloned to produce more nice and juicy strawberries.  For drug reduction as creating cloned you can get identical cells  Medical research.

Reviving the extinct animals- like leopard, which are near extinction  To replace, children that were very much loved but passed away  For twins As these there are many more which enable us to use this creation for many different uses, specified to our needs. Theses are all the ways in which cloning can and may be used in the future. How are clones used today? Clones have now been recognised by the public and has constantly, become the one of the main topics in the news as in ;”The Times” -Embryo with two mothers created. This is a topic related to that of cloning as in the article;

“A human embryo with two mothers and a father has been created for the first time by British scientists (Jack Malvern writes). The three- parents embryo, created by a team at Newcastle university, opens up the possibility of the short-circuiting genetic diseases by replacing faulty genes from one mother with healthy ones from another mother. It has been hailed as the first realistic hope of an effective treatment for 50 genetic conditions passed on through mitochondrial DNA-DNA clustered outside the nucleus in a cell. The diseases include forms of the muscular dystrophy, diabetes and epilepsy.

Professor Doug Turnbull, who led the team, described the technique as a “mitochondria transplant”. Couples would use IVF treatment to create a fertilised egg, from which the nucleus would be removed after a few hours and implanted into a donor egg. The parents’ DNA remains in the nucleus but the DNA outside the nucleus would be from the donor mother. The child’s appearance is affected only by nuclear DNA. ” (this has been taken from “The Times” feb 5th) This article is an example of cloning used for a particular purpose; it tells us about a mother who replaces most of her faulty genes with healthy ones.

This is one example of how cloning has been used recently. Stem Cells: Stem cells have the remarkable potential to change to any cell or organism that is needed, this is because stem cells are unspecialised cells. Stem cells have become important to us, as they are great factors that enable us to improve our health and correct faulty genes, by using them replace some genes, as well as this there are many other important uses in cell based therapies, to repair other damaged cells with in the body, and loads more. Cloning can also be produced for the stem cells with in it allowing us to replaces faulty genes with eases.

Is cloning ethnically right? Well as I have mentioned in above pages there are many different view on weather or not cloning is ethnically right, some saying it is good other say it’s not. There is not a exact answer to weather or not they are ethically right it actually depends upon the persons opinion. Conclusion Overall cloning is a huge leap forward for man kind as it has many benefits that can be acquire by the one process furthering our medical knowledge allowing us to produce more efficient and effective medicines for our patients.I do believe that one day cloning will become the thing of the future our future medicine!

Bibliography: Some of the information was takes from:  Newspaper “The Times”  BBC News  http://stemcells. nih. gov/info/basics/  scientific books (school text books)  Picture  Science museum (website)  Kiran Toor 10S Science coursework Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Variation and Inheritance section.

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