Ireland Essay Examples

Northern Ireland

Within the results many important factors have arisen. Looking at the map produced using my national competition and local competition I can see that the stores are nearly evenly spread across Northern Ireland. This tells me that there is a large enough market for computer games in the Northern Ireland area as these stores can… View Article

International terrorism

The political situation in Ireland has been strained throughout the most part of the past century. Ireland has been struggling for independence from England for many years now, and there are few political figures that are considered to be the symbols of this struggle. Michael Collins, the Irish military and political leader is one of… View Article

Irish culture communicated by riverdance

How Riverdance communicates stories about the Irish culture. Riverdance began as a succinct intermission piece when Ireland was the host of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Riverdance modernized the insight with regards to Irish dances. They deviated from the old straight-laced and rule-bound contest plans or format and turned it to a more contemporary and… View Article

Irish in the American South

Much has been said with regards to the reason why many Irish people migrated to the United States during the 19th century. Many credit the hunger, famine, and oppression that the less fortunate Irish had to undergo in Ireland as the main reasons why they decided to come to the Northeast. Much detail has been… View Article

The Troubles Between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland

1968 is the starting point of the “Troubles” in  Northern Ireland wherein a feud between Catholics and Protestants are fighting out regarding a campaign for civil rights.             Historically, during the 17th century, the Battle of Boyne occurred and the English successfully subdued the island and put down a number of rebellions. from here Ireland… View Article

Ireland: Pre-Modern Era

The account of Ireland is fundamentally of English suppression of its people as well as Irish struggle to being conquered. While a great deal of Ireland’s account is focused in its own history, it is more precisely characterized as marginal to England, an outcome of internal political conspiracy, English apprehensions and ambitions on external coercion… View Article

Proclamation of the Irish Republic

“Proclamation of the Irish Republic” was one of the more important aspects in the Easter Rising. It’s a historic – circumstantial text. In order to maintain secrecy the Proclamation of the Irish Republic was printed out on a hand press a few hours before the Rising. It was produced in two sections and due to… View Article

Irish Violence and the Troubles

In this essay I will examine the effect of silence during the ‘troubles’ on individual and national identities; with particular interest to Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark, Tim Pat Coogan states that the term “Irish Troubles” refers to a whole history of violence and colonialism that Ireland has endured, over the last thousand years…. View Article

Ireland Tradition and Dissent

The two concepts of “tradition” and “dissent” are extremely useful in understanding the built heritage of Ireland. To understand the differing attitudes to the built heritage of Ireland is to contemplate the historical accounts, stories and legends that fabricate traditions and incite dissent. The concept of tradition is associated with the passing down through generations,… View Article

‘The marginalised’ in ‘A Modest Proposal’

The use of wit, sarcastic humour, irony, and ridicule to criticise and point out faults is used by the renowned author Jonathan Swift to once again, enthral the audience and readers with a proposal that is not so very modest. A Modest Proposal is considered by many to be one of the most well written… View Article

Political Situation in Ireland During the Period of 1640-1642?

How important was the political situation in Ireland in influencing English politics during the period of 1640-1642? Events regarding Ireland were important, but qualifications have to be made to them so as to understand the atmosphere of English politics between 1640-1642. The Irish rebellion in 1641 was the pivotal factor that made Charles completely fall… View Article

Irish Persecution by England

Anti-Irish sentiment (also known as Hibernophobia, from Hibernia, the Latin name for Ireland) is traditionally rooted in the medieval period. The first British involvement in Ireland began in 1169, when Anglo-Norman troops arrived at Bannow Bay in County Wexford. During the next half millenium, successive English rulers attempted to colonize the island, pitching battles to… View Article

Ireland Bailout

“The Celtic Tiger was the phrase most associated with Ireland since the 1990s, describing its dramatic growth from one of Europe’s poorest states to one of its richest. ”[1] The government, thinking that the economy was growing, increased wages and pensions, extended the public sector. They used money that they didn’t own, as the growth… View Article

Local Authority Housing in Ireland

Local authority housing plays a vital role in Ireland housing system. Without it many people would find themselves on the streets without a roof over their heads. However it is not a solution to all problems we are experiencing in this country today. In fact while local authority housing solves many problems it can also… View Article

Common Misconceptions

Commonly thought of as belligerently walking the streets late at night, or at any time in fact, the Irish culture is inaccurately perceived as the drinking type, at any point of the day on any day of the week, though usually all of the above. Americans drink, French people do too, as well as our… View Article