Iran continues to bravely slam USA and its closest ally, Israel Essay

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Iran continues to bravely slam USA and its closest ally, Israel

The news is about the UN decision to invite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran to the food summit in Rome Italy. It features the reaction of Israel’s President Shimon Peres claiming that Ahmadinejad’s appearance on the summit would distract attention from problems of hunger in the world. The reaction of President Perez stemmed from the statement of Iranian President that Israel was “doomed to go. ” The news also quoted the statement of Rafsanjani, another top official of Iran stating that Iran and other Muslim nations must stop the USA from enslaving Iraqis.

Rafsanjani commented that the US-led occupation of Iraq represents a danger to all nations of the region. He said that Washington and Baghdad try to put Iraq under their spell through a long-term security agreement but Rafsanjani contends that the essence of this agreement “is to turn Iraqis into slave before the Americans, if it is sealed” Rafsanjani stated that the Iraqi people and the Islamic nation will not allow it. ” Both Ahmadinijad and Rafsanjani have been featured in many internet articles as loyal to Islamic fundamentalist cause.

In fact, one those articles even went on to say that Ahmadinijad is a “self proclaimed religious fundamentalist. My opinion about the news is that Iran is simply attracting Islamic countries to rally behind their anti-Semitic stand. It is apparent that Islamic fundamentalist are deeply anti Semitic and are against the west not only in their export of western culture and western style democracy, but because the West are obviously supporting Israel.

Ahmadinejad is taking advantage of every opportunity to express their views on US Israeli affairs before an international gathering obviously for its own propaganda designed to draw sympathy against the US. While it may be true that the US may its own interest in maintaining its presence in Iraq, but I would say that Mr. Rafsanjani statement is out of bounds intended only to make matters worse for the US, before the international audience.

Iran probably has an axe to grind against the US because of its support to Iraq during Iran Iraq war. Arabs and Islamic Fundamentalist opinion has flamed against the United States because of its unwavering support to Israel who has dispossessed the Palestinians of their settlement in Jerusalem. Iran’s hatred of Israel is deeply enshrined in their nationalism and cultural emphasis. The statement therefore voiced by two of the highest Iranian officials is not based on objective criticism but is only a political ideology.

Concerning the feeling of anti- Semitism, Iran is not alone in their hatred to Israel, as earlier century have seen the expulsion of the Jews in some countries like Spain and England, two of the many countries who expelled the Jews. All of those expulsion happened long before the Israeli- Palestinian conflict had started. However, Mr. Ahmadinejad must learn to recognize the danger of provoking the remaining super power to turn its back against Iran.

Iran must look at the case of Iraq and try to figure out the worst-case scenario. Today, many countries are working very hard in the concept of globalization, and high technology equipment. These countries are today the fastest growing economies. For Iran to cache up with these developments, Iran should better stop thinking of annihilating the Jews, but start working cooperatively and mutually with every country particularly Israel and the United States.

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