Iran Essay Examples

Iranian Revolution

The Islamic Revolution started circa 1977 and lasted until 1979. The absolute monarchist Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi led an era of authoritarian regime which allowed violence and oppression of the people. The White Revolution, in the 1960’s, caused many of the people in Iran to rise up against the regime. The aftermath of the Islamic… View Article

OECD Countries and Iran

As internet is gradually maturing and presenting a paradigm shift in its very ideation, the infrastructure has acquired a business character, a transcontinental personality and a vending framework of wide-ranging, business, educational, scientific and personal data. Now the use of internet covers real-time computer conferencing, audio broadcasting, video broadcasting, real time telephony and of course… View Article

Countries and Iran

The study ventured to assess selected variables associated with the ICT exports and broadband penetration in the OECD member-countries and Iran. Specifically, the following areas were tackled : ICT exports in the OECD member-countries and the Middle East based on their revealed comparative advantage; Broadband penetration in the OECD member-countries and the Middle East including… View Article

Iran-Pakistan Relations

Islamic Republic of Iran, suspected of being in process to develop atomic weapons, and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is a declared nuclear power, are two important Muslim countries and have maintained good historic relations between them. The religious schism and their clash of interests in Afghanistan, though, has often created tensions for them…. View Article

Reasons for United States Possible Attack on Iran

The topic on the possibility of United States launching a military attack against Iran has dominated much news for several years since the Bush administration and during which some quarters speculated that such an attack would be ordered before the administration left office. As early as 2005, a number of articles had started revealing the… View Article

Globalization in Iran

1. Historical: Entered globalization in 1906 as they created a constitution that developed democratic principles. 2. 3 Consequences: 1. Growing disparity between urban and rural areas. 2. Cut back in government spending and education along with health care. 3. Limited evolution since the colonial period. 3. 3 Barriers: 1. Lack of new improved technology. 2…. View Article

Impact of education on Iran post-revolution

Iran’s capital is Tehran, which is also the largest city and acts as a center for the commercial, industrial, administrative, educational activities. Apart from Tehran, there are other cities like Esfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ahwaz, etc. It was estimated in 2002 that the population of Iran was about 66,622,704, which was almost double than that… View Article

The Influences of Islamic Culture Towards Architecture

I. Introduction Islamic architecture encompasses a wide range of both secular and religions style from the foundation of Islam to present day. Most of the building is influenced by Islamic element with variety of style in which are Persian style, Indo-Islamic style and Indonesian-Malay style. II. Body A. The first style of Islamic culture that… View Article

Isfahan, the City of Paradise

Isfahan, Old Persian Aspadana, the capital of Isfahan Province, is the Iran’s third largest city after Tehran and Mashhad. This amazing patch of heaven, which is called by Persians as “half of the world”, has imperishable roots in history, unique pearls in architecture and exquisite paragons of art and handicrafts. As a bright star in… View Article

World Civilizations

Alexander the Great. What types of qualities come to mind when you hear that name? An idealistic king? A brutal ant agonizer? Whichever trait you choose to describe Alexander the Great, one thing is for sure: he is one of the most perplexing great figure in out time. Alexander III of Macedon, more commonly referred… View Article

Death and Women in Sadegh Hedayat’s “The Blind Owl”

INTRODUCTION Sadeq Hedayat’s ‘The Blind Owl’ is one of the most important literary works in Persian language. The original Persian text of The Blind Owl, marked “not for sale in Iran,” appeared as a mimeographed publication in India in 1937. It was assumed at the time that Hedayat feared the repressive rule of Reza Shah;… View Article

Persepolis & Not Without My Daughter

The Iranian revolution of 1979 refers to the overthrowing of the last king of Iran. It was an Islamic revolution which attempted to replace Mohammed Reza Shah, with an Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolution. Strong opposition against the Shah showed that the people wanted a religious ruler rather than… View Article

Iran continues to bravely slam USA and its closest ally, Israel

The news is about the UN decision to invite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran to the food summit in Rome Italy. It features the reaction of Israel’s President Shimon Peres claiming that Ahmadinejad’s appearance on the summit would distract attention from problems of hunger in the world. The reaction of President Perez stemmed from the… View Article

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi Analysis

In the book, Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, the main character is the author as a young girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979. She starts off as an incredibly positive child with enormous faith in herself and her relationship with G-d. Through her experiences, especially when she was in her crucial,… View Article