Investment Essay Examples

Investment Analysis about two companies.-Pratt Ltd and Dana Ltd.

According to a detail investment analysis by assessing performance, efficiency and financial stability between two companies, we may find a company that is suitable for investment. During the period of analysis, accounting ratios are utilized to direct the discussion. However, there are some limitation relates to ratio analysis, which can be addressed further. At last,… View Article

Inflation and Investment

“Inflation Poses Serious Threats to Government” is an article by Leigh Thomas published by Agence France Presse. It deals with section three in the couse companion, Macroecnomics. The article details the negative effects of inflation and what has caused it. “Foreign Buyers Snap Up Us Real Estate” is an article by Stephanie Armour published by… View Article

Competencies &amp

1) Legal and regulatory factors: The medical device industry is classified as class 3 , high risk implant so its obvious that a lot of investment goes into testing and experiments with sufficient evidences to prove its safety in-vivo. There are instances when a device fails and a single lawsuit causes the entire company to… View Article

Ongkas Big Moka

His moka as the culmination of feasts ending a particularly bitter war Lessons from the Film: *Illustrates the Big Man as hero but also as persuader, not commander *Complexity of competitive feasting, rival Big Men on all sides *The guests are not transformed, they remain enemies or rivals *The huge quantities of goods given away… View Article

Investment theory

The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) is an investment theory that states it is impossible to beat the market because stock market efficiency causes existing share prices to always incorporate and reflect all relevant information. According to this theory, the stock always trade at their fair value on stock exchanges. This makes it impossible for investors… View Article

Money Laundering : Global Problem Case Presentation

MONEY LAUNDERING : GLOBAL PROBLEM CASE PRESENTATION AS PART OF LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS , MBA Money laundering is the process of concealing illicit sources of money or in simple language it is the process of washing dirty money (money earned through illegal activities) to make it appear to be legitimate. Now question arises that… View Article

How to Invest Like Warren Buffett

Introduction Simplicity is the best word to describe the life of philanthropist and mega-billionaire Warren Buffett. The same single word also depicts his multi-billion worth of investment principles and strategies (Cunningham, 2008, p. 18). For more than fifty years Buffett was able to build a multi-billion investment empire with his simple investment philosophy. Like his… View Article

Investing in Futures and Options

INTRODUCTION Of late, investors who are in the stock and commodity are focusing their attention towards risk management especially due to high volatility nature. Since these volatility movements are uncertain, it has become foremost cause of vagueness for such investors. Since the globalization of trade and free trade between major countries has become the order… View Article

The impact of major Technology Announcement on IT firms

Introduction The breadth of a research papers usually give insight of what are the major theoretical concepts that are preliminary for understanding some core concepts. Like all, In this breadth I would focus on what is investment, what are major theories of investment (namely Irving fisher’s theory of investment, Dow theory forecasts and modern portfolio… View Article

The International Law of Foreign Investment

The rationality of the necessity in use of regulations in the activities of multinational enterprises remains ethically critical.  Due to the diversity in the legal parameters between the global communities, a subordinate body of the international law should however not persist to preempt a definite authority as regulatory framework for the international business activity.  Elsewhere,… View Article

Markowitz Portfolio Optimization

Introduction Markowitz (1952, 1956) pioneered the development of a quantitative method that takes the diversification benefits of portfolio allocation into account. Modern portfolio theory is the result of his work on portfolio optimization. Ideally, in a mean-variance optimization model, the complete investment opportunity set, i.e. all assets, should be considered simultaneously. However, in practice, most… View Article

The New NYSE

The year 2006 witnessed dynamic changes in the structure of the New York Stock Exchange. For the first time in 214 years, the not-for-profit NYSE transformed itself into a for-profit, public company. This occurred following NYSE Group Inc.’s acquisition of the electronic rival, Archipelago Holdings Incl. in early 2006. “It feels good,” remarked John Thain,… View Article

The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in China: 1979-2006

Introduction China – one of the fastest growing country in Asia and currently dominating the international trading market through its expanding export industry. Many economists and market analysts believes that the growth of China’s foreign direct investment started from the 1970’s, especially in the 1990s, when the Chinese government promoted the influx of foreign direct… View Article

United Arab Emirates Foreign Investment Regulations

Introduction The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a combination of seven countries and was formed the year 1971 immediately after the British withdrew from Gulf war. It has been known as the major exporter of petroleum in the world. In order to reduce over reliance on petroleum the national government has been trying to encourage… View Article

The UK Company Bill & Foreign Direct Investment

Introduction- The UK Company Bill and the Legal Framework The United Kingdom has been one of the pioneers in having an organized legal system for a fair and just regulatory and management environment. The legal framework is aimed at strengthening the law with a focus on promoting UK as the chief destination for business and… View Article