Investigation Essay Examples

How Gazda Cars and Bomino Printing approach the management of their activities

Advantages * It’s Organised * Their pay is related to their performance, which will motivate them perform better. * Work is carried out in controlled environment. * It’s seen as ‘social’ which motivates workers. * Managers convey ‘moral elite’, trustworthy, broadly motivated to organise & influence others. * Employees have more control of their work… View Article

The specific heat cpacity of the substance

Advanced Physics; Materials and Mechanics 2nd Edition By John Murray Ltd 1983 Provides depth information on Specifics Heat Capacity and specific heat capacity for varies materials Revise As Physics for OCR By David Sang 2001 Provides the equations to calculate Power and Energy Cambridge Physic 2 By David Sang 2001 Information about specific heat capacity… View Article

The resistance of a wire depends

Before doing this experiment I did some preliminary work. I found a computer program called ‘Focus On Science’. In this program it is possible to do a simulation of the test, to see what the results might be. In this test I used copper wire instead of nichrome wire. Although it was not entirely accurate,… View Article

How I Can Change The Acceleration of a Trolley

Prediction: The prediction of this investigation will be more mass, more acceleration and the more force the more acceleration. Method: The method for this investigation will be: Firstly the trolley is rolled down the slope, making sure that the height of the slope is keeping the same. With this method it was hard to get… View Article

Chromatography Trail and Investigation

Aim: I am working for a trading standards office, a local market stall is selling some red and blue sweets that are suspected of containing illegal and possibly toxic colourings. I am going to find out using chromatography whether the dyes are illegal/ legal. Chromatography is a technique which is used for separating and identifying… View Article

Physics Investigation- Stopping Distance

In my investigation I intend to gather enough evidence and explanation to see if and how the mass of a ball will affect its stopping distance. I will carry out a series of tests starting with changing the mass of the ball then changing height which it’s dropped from. Predictions I predict that the mass… View Article

Investigation into Multi-Tools

Above I have researched into nine different existing multi tools designed for use on a motorcycle. They are all very varied in shape, price, size, materials and tooling. The shapes of them are all very different; some are your stereotypical perception of a multi tool being a pen knife containing multiple functions or a pair… View Article

Criminal Investigation

The first and most important step in any crime scene investigation is to secure the scene. It sounds easier than it really is. The scene includes possible witnesses, victims and suspects. Securing the scene includes keeping unauthorized personnel from walking through the scene. The most common contamination results from police, ems, victims and witnesses. The… View Article

The Federal Bureau of Investigation

 In the late 19th century, 1886 precisely, it was discovered by the Supreme Court that the United States intestate commerce was un-regulated. Consequently, it became a Federal responsibility to fill up this vacuum. This gave birth to the 1887 Interstate Commerce Act. This act needed personnel to enforce it, but the Justice department had a… View Article

Star-South Canton

North East black out is an important event in the history of North America, showing the vulnerability of North American technology, which compelled the leaders of the affected countries to find the causes and events associated with this key event. Investigation by experts revealed a few limitations of North American infrastructure. Based on reports submitted… View Article

Cultural Investigation

The paper will discuss the main aspect of a Comanche and what their culture is like. The paper encapsulates an interview from such a Native American and this interview will be analyzed with the help of other sources from the Internet. The paper will be followed by first introducing the Comanche tribe with their features… View Article

Blood Spatter in Crime Scene Investigation

Checking all aspects of a crime scene is a crucial part of investigating a crime. The thorough sampling of all suspicious items in a crime scene, like footsteps, hair strands, and even the changes that took place in the pieces of furniture may help in leading the authorities to the doer of the crime. Oftentimes,… View Article

Tax Audit and Tax Investigation in Malaysia

Tax Investigation must be clearly separate from Tax Audit. Tax Investigation is an inspection of the tax payers business or individual books, records or document in order to ensure the tax payer had reported the correct amount of income and tax that need to pay in accordance with tax laws and provisions. Tax investigation will… View Article

“1984” by George Orwell Analysis

When two claims contradict one another, it is futile and useless in attempting to analogize between the two. George Orwell, the author of the novel 1984, defines doublethink as “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” It is the idea of genuinely accepting two conflicting ideas,… View Article