Interrogation Essay Examples

Interview or Interrogation?

An officer of the law conducts an interview when he or she is asking questions to find out information from someone who is not suspected of a crime. Conversely, interrogation is appropriate when questioning a person who is suspected of any direct or indirect involvement in a crime (Watts, 2007). While the goal of both… View Article

Judging Words Not Fidgets

“Judging Honesty by Words, Not Fidgets” is a short essay written by Benedict Carey. It explores how in police interrogations, interviewers can use words to decide if people are lying more than looking at their physical movements. Traditionally, police have used lie detector tests and underhanded techniques to force suspects and witnesses to give confessions…. View Article

Interview vs interrogation

Both an interview as well as an interrogation are facilitated by analysis of investigative findings. Proper factual analysis assists the investigator in the following ways: Eliminate improbable suspects Develop possible suspects or leads Increase confidence in identifying truthful or guilty suspects through the interview process Identify proper interrogational strategies  The nine steps of the Reid… View Article

Is Torture Reliable or Humane?

Imagine being forced into confession with your head down, and blood rushing to your brain. Picture the struggle of being held down and defenseless, against your will. Imagine having a thick towel pressed firmly over your face and continuous water being poured on the towel as you helplessly gasp for air simulating the effect of… View Article

Matching Case

Match the definitions listed on the right with the words listed on the left. Please note that there are more possible answers than terms. 1. Interview _E___ 2. Interrogation F____ 3. Interrogation approach __I__ 4. Witness __J__ 5. Suspect __D__ 6. Subject _I___ 7. Admission ____ 8. Confession _G___ 9. Deception __H__ 10. Statement __K__… View Article