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Intercultural communication Essay Examples

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Intercultural communication and power distance

Power is believed to be the capacity of individual to exercise control over other people and resources. Power is a tool that has both positive and negative outcomes depending on how it is applied (Visagie, 2006). The ability to exercise power derives from various sources ranging from economic, political and social dimensions. For instance in…

Intercultural Communication and Negotiation in Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam)

Under this chapter, explores three main sub-topic which is firstly is barriers to effective communication, secondly is approaches to successful international negotiations, and thirdly is being culturally intelligent in Indochina. The discussion of differences in communicative goals in an intercultural negotiation setting. Every country have their own cultural whether Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam in communication…

International and Intercultural Communication

International and Intercultural Communications have been of great interest to the Hofstede Centre for many years. In fact Geert Hofstede’s dimensions of culture have been the most widely disseminated of all theories. Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions are, “1) Power Distance, 2) Individualism or Collectivism, 3) Masculinity-Femininity, 4) Uncertainty Avoidance, and 5) Short or Long Term…



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Intercultural Communication

There are three cultural memberships that have influenced my life the most. These are the Seneca Korean Student Alumni (SKSA) in Toronto, Canada, my Bible study group from church, and the Lomo photography club where I belong. I believe that these three different sub-cultural groups are very close to the three different sources that we…

Intercultural Communication: Globalization

Globalization has had an effect in all aspect of our lives. However, these effects have not all been positive and it becomes important to consider both sides of the coin while trying to understand the phenomenon that is globalization. Globalization is a movement that seeks to establish more global integration especially in matters pertaining to…

Intercultural Communication

There is always the existence of power in the society when people communicate, although it might not be evidently observed. At most instances, communication is assumed to take place between equal people, but this might not always be the case. There are basically different types of hierarchy that exists in the society which makes some…

Intercultural communication

The power distance refers to the closeness, or lack thereof, between a person of authority and his or her subordinates. Those that hold the power of authority, that is those people who can bring about a change of some type, are also, many times, those who present with some type of symbol of their authority…

Intercultural Communication Paper

Ip Man is a martial arts film based on the life of Yip Man, a Chinese martial arts grandmaster who specializes in “Wing Chun”. The scene is set in the 1930s in Foshan, China, where the wealthy Ip Man is well-respected in his community for his martial arts prowess. However, his home is seized and…

Intercultural Communication

Comparison of the light that Catholicism was held in a century ago and its close correlation to the current treatment of Islam as a threat to the US is an important lesson learned from ‘Islam in America’. The close correlation and its replication in history considering that Islam is trying to expand in the US…

Intercultural Communications

Whale Rider is a contemporary fairy film, which depicts our celebration to our spiritual bond together with our natural environment. In particular it shows the celebration of our spiritual bond with the ocean, and its creatures the whales. It has its basis on a Maori legend, transcends local space and time. The film evokes concerns…

Intercultural Communications: Japan

Cultural diversity is what people seek to embrace in an effort to get on well with people of different backgrounds. Tolerance is expected while in foreign countries though at times culture shocks are inevitable. Japan is a rich country in terms of culture and technology and it is important to fully comprehend their way of…

Intercultural Communication in Social Networking Sites

The contemporary society is characterized by influx of various high-end technological devices. Products that offer convenience to people are developed and invented for the benefit of humankind. By the turn of the decade, web browsing or web surfing has been popular and has become the latest trend in gaining and acquiring information. One of the…

Intercultural Communication and Conflicts

The communication between different cultures is very difficult. Intercultural communication can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. You may offend someone without even knowing it. Nonverbal communication is challenge as well such as handshakes, eye contact, hug, and etc. These problems happened so many times from my fiancee who is from America and me who is…

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication is a study of cultural difference through communication. It is a form of global communication throughout the country all over the world. It is used to describe the wide range of communication problems that naturally appear within an organization made up of individuals from different religious, social, ethnic, and educational backgrounds or other…

Intercultural Communication

Slide 1: Introduce the topic Slide 2: Introduce the outline of the report Slide 3: First and foremost we need to start by giving a working definition of the term Intercultural Communication. What are we describing when we utter this term? We are of course very much familiar with communication. However for this term the…

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