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CAPE Industrial Services – case study

1.0 Introduction In response to the increased importance of services, numerous articles on issues related to the effective management of service operations have appeared in both academic and practitioner based publications (Chase and Hayes, 1991; Karmarker and Pitbladdo, 1995; Kellogg and Nie, 1995; Lovelock, 1992; Roth and Van Der Velde, 1991). Several of these articles… View Article

Ford Upmarket

History In 1989 Ford bought Jaguar for �2.5 billion as the vehicle to take Ford upmarket into the luxury car market. After three years of Ford been in charge sales had plunged and Ford was losing �1 million a day from Jaguar. Ford saved Jaguar by cutting jobs and replacing nearly all of the facilities… View Article

Research the German Car Industry – BMW

Within this dossier I am going to research the German Car Industry, firstly I am going to give a little background history to Germany, then Berlin where the person will be based to work for BMW. Then finally I will tell the person about BMW, their history and his/hers role within the company. I have… View Article

Advertising media industry

I am student in a work placement agency called STG Media Corporation, a company which dedicates their mission and vision in providing accountable advertising solutions. In my 7 week placement here in the corporation, I learned a lot and discovered that nothing beats on-hand experience in working. Week One (provide date) It was a week… View Article

The Culture Industry

More often than not, it is also about the artist. Every known artist would have a popular song because of the artist’s fame. For example is Britney Spears. During the height of her fame, everyone is listening to her song. Her every song is a hit. You may ask why? It is because of the… View Article

Characteristic and performance of the video game Industry

A detailed analysis of the video games industry, the relationship between the console, the developer and the gamer and the case studies of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft has conclusively proved the hypothesis that a symbiotic relationship exists in the video games industry between the console, developer and the consumer which impacts on the overall growth… View Article

PUMA Marketing

Executive Summary The multi-billion global sportswear industry is a highly competitive sector that is continually evolving. Two of the largest players in this industry are Nike Co., which holds 37% market share, and PUMA with 7% market share. Objectives To support its growth target to $23 billion by 2011, Nike intends to expand its market… View Article

Globalization of hospitality industry

A service is an activity which has some element of intangibility associated with it, which involves some interaction with customer. The service is unique component in hospitality which is a universal component with the distinct requirements even in New York or New Delhi. The advent of globalization has created new destinations and opportunities to explore…. View Article

IPR Infringement in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A reduction in IPR infringement in the People’s Republic of China is often insignificant. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) reported that there was a five percent decrease from the piracy rate of China from 2003-2004. The Motion Picture Association reported that the fake products from China even reached other countries. In 2003, customs… View Article

Japanese Fishing Industry

The fishing industry in Japan is considered to be one of the several primary industries along with other sectors such as agriculture and forestry. These sectors employed about one-third of the Japanese population and also provides food for millions of Japanese people. Japan has one of the largest numbers of fishing boats compared to other… View Article

Import/Export on Fashion Industry

There are a lot of transportation means in Italy; they have all sorts of transportation whether in land, air and/or water. Italy has trains such as Eurostar which is found in the state of Ferrovie dello Satao which connects the distance between Paris and London, Intercity which connects the same states, Modern Intercity plus, Diretti,… View Article

The Impact Of Increasing Use Of Bioful On Gasoline Prices

Background and Context             The prices of oil and gasoline in the world market are not always as stable as countries importing these commodities hope it to be.  There are instances when the prices would just go as high as possible that it becomes difficult for importing countries to adjust to such increase.  Aside from… View Article

What’s wrong with the industry?

The film industry today has had its share of ups and downs. There are movies which seemed to be poorly constructed, and there are some who were well-prepared and well-budgeted. Surely, the efforts of these film makers are well reciprocated. Movies with good funding and casting attract a lot of viewers not only in the… View Article

Offshoring: The Next Industrial Revolution?

Offshoring can be loosely defined as the movement of jobs or business opportunities from one country to another country. Alan S. Blinder cites Mankiw’s prediction of things becoming tradable with time, as long as the immediate environment allows: greater business options, albeit with consequences.             Jobs in the US are going abroad with each subsequent… View Article

The PetsMart

Introduction             This paper presents a brief background on PetsMart, identifies its vision and mission statement for the current timeframe, differentiates PetsMart’s current generic strategy from that of Camp Bow Wow, and completes a remote analysis by indicating the opportunities and threats for each remote factor in a table form. Background on PetsMart             PetsMart,… View Article