Industries Essay Examples

“Big” Industries

Many things that happened in history had a major impact on the world, especially when the development of big industries came about. Such things as Go-Getters, people credited for bringing the country together, and railroads, which interconnected things, all helped begin the Industrial Revolution. It was started mainly in Western Europe- England. One of the… View Article

Cultural industries

A conception referring to the creation, production and distribution of goods and services that are cultural in nature Examples include the music industry, film production, craft and design, architecture, sports, advertising and cultural tourism. Cultural policy Guiding principles that affect unswervingly the cultural uniqueness of a society Are formed by decision makers, managers and promoters… View Article

Deregulation and Shipping Industries

Regulation in economy is a process characterized by control, monitoring and managing of rules, processes, operations and methods in order to obtain and yield more positive results and attain an environment that is more convenient to consumers and businessmen (Boyson). Deregulation, which is the opposite of regulation, when used in different aspects and sectors of… View Article

Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth

After being employed for 15 months, respondent Kimberly Ellerth quit her job as a sales person in one of the many divisions of Burlington Industries. She quit because allegedly, she was being sexually harassed by her supervisor, Ted Slowik. Ellerth pointed out instances whein Slowik threatened to deny her of work-related benefits. She had refused… View Article

Cj Industries And Heavey Pumps

In October 2007, CJ Industries (CJI) had just been awarded a 5-year, $10 million per year contract, commencing on July 2007 to supply Great Lakes Pleasure Boats a number of key engine components for their luxury line of pleasure boats. The award marked an important milestone for CJI, in that it was the culmination of… View Article

Reliance Fresh

Giant corporations like Wal-Mart and Reliance have started to try and take over the Indian retail sector. The entry of the giant corporate retail in India’s food market will have direct impact on India’s 650 million farmers and 40 million people employed in tiny retail. More than 6600 mega stores are planned with Rs. 40,000… View Article