Industrial Essay Examples

The industrial revolution in the early 19th century

Dickens’ novel Hard Times is based in Coketown, a small industrial area. The story takes place during the industrial revolution in the early 19th century. The book is not only about how the industrial revolution changed the way we live but also about how society and education was revolutionised because of it. In the first two… View Article

Industrial or commercial setting

Supported by theory and examples, what factors would you take into consideration when assessing the behaviour of groups in an industrial or commercial setting? By way of definition, a group can be defined as, “two or more individuals interacting and interdependent who come together to achieve particular objectives” (Stephen.P.Robbins, 2000). Groups can be either formal or… View Article

Previous experience in similar role and industry

Employability skills: this is the basic skills that are needed to get, keep, and do the job. It is necessary for the candidate to have or knowledge these skills as it can be transferable during the employment as they go up the ladder in a modernised environment. It includes the following: 1. Qualification/ Previous experience… View Article

Industrial production

In his empirical study Imai (1996) examined other significant internal factors promoting democratic changes. He demonstrated that industrial production and GDP per capita have gradual lasting influence on their implementation (p. 8). It seems logical as economists argue that with growing size of the developing nation’s market and expansion of its economy, democratization of the… View Article

Industrial Revolution

The business environment has transformed drastically since the advent of new technology and Industrial Revolution became a period of radical change from manual work to automated technology and advancement, which kept making life simpler with time. Some of the greatest organizational and socioeconomic revolutions in history occurred as a consequence of innovations in communications technology… View Article

Industrial Development and Western Expansion’s Effect on US Farmers

True, the United States of America’s surge in industrial development and western expansion were indeed crucial factors that led to protests by farmers. This is evidenced by many different events that occurred during the time when industrialization was most in focus in the United States. This onset of industrial boom occurred some time between the… View Article

Industrial Design

It is mandatory for all professionals to know the history of their profession. Where do the origins lie? How did it evolve into a professional activity? Who were the pioneers? What was their contribution ? In fact, history of a profession should be a part of the syllabus !! This essay concentrates on the profession… View Article

Industrial Revolution

Industrial revolution pertains to the period marking the introduction of mass production, radical socioeconomic changes, improved transportation, technological progress, and the industrial factory system. It is characterized by extensive mechanization of production systems which resulted to a shift from home-based hand manufacturing to large-scale factory production. Technological changes included the use of iron and steel,… View Article

Industrial Revolution In Great Britain

The Industrial Revolution touched all over the world with an unprecedented degree bringing their economic, social, political and cultural spheres in its domain. Started in England in 18th and 19th century, it brought a complete change to the economy of England transferring it from agrarian to Industrial Economy. All the important centers were flourishing with… View Article

Industrial Engineering, January

Recent studies commissioned by the Quality Research Institute (QRI), a partnership between Philip Crosby Associates Inc. and The Gallup Organization, reveal a startling gap between business executives and customers and their perceptions of quality and customer satisfaction. While a decisive majority (73 percent) of CEOs believe American business is committed to quality, QRI found that… View Article

In what specific ways did the Industrial Revolution change the US economy?

The 1700s and the early 1800s were critical times for the US economy because of the industrial revolution. The development of industrialization allowed the United States to take full advantage of the wealth that it had in natural resources and raw materials. The resulting increase in production as well as the rapidly growing population of… View Article

Milpa Agriculture vs. Industrial Agriculture

The Milpa agriculture and Industrial agriculture have many similarities and differences. Milpa agriculture is a form of swidden agriculture that is practiced in Mesoamerica. Traditional Milpa is planted with maize, beans, and corn. Industrial agriculture is a modern faming that produces a life stock, poultry, and crops. The methods that industrial agriculture use to techno… View Article

Labor Unions

During previous years, labor unions were used by industry workers as a way to make their voices heard and to push for change regarding unfair treatment. To some, these unions were seen as a form of threat but to others it was a way to bring the workforce together and make it beneficial to not… View Article

Robots and smart machines reshaping work

One of the main economic and business trends – robots and smart machines. From the very beginning human was searching for something that could change his lifestyle. First sticks used as weapon, first mills to reduce handwork, first vehicles to cut time in transportation… Robots now are now being deployed as receptionists, banking assistants and… View Article

Hershey chocolate

Go the Hershey website to learn how to make Hershey chocolate. (There is also a “print friendly” version of the chocolate making process at the end of the video.) Review the process and take a look at some of the videos. Pay particular attention to the process steps of milling and pressing, mixing the ingredients,… View Article