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Indonesia Essay Examples

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Hyundai Case Study

Part I Overview 1. Time Context Mr. Muhammad Soeparno was appointed by thegovernment of Indonesia to succeed Mr. Lumenta as President Director of GarudaIndonesia Airways on January 6, 1988. He had to announce his decision in frontof his head quarter’s employees during the monthly flag raising ceremony heldon the 17th of each month. Thus, the…

Cultural Evolution of Early Filipinos

Cultural evolution of the early Filipinos Through archaeological records and extensive researches, Historians believed that during the Pleistocene Epoch, the first settlers of the Philippines . Pleistocene Epoch The first settlers of the Philippines came from the present-day islands of the Malay Archipelago when sea levels were lower, creating land bridges to the Southeast Asian…

Importance of International Trade

Discuss the importance of international trade to the company’s business (4.1) International trade is very important in this era for every international company, trade (export/import) in capital, goods and services between countries. This topic discussion about Virgin Atlantic Airways, for them international is very vital in commercial flight business. What is the importance of Virgin…



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What Is the Name of the Aboriginal People -English 2

Mentawai Where exactly do they live? On the Island of Siberut – A remote island off the coast of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. What do you know about their way of life? How do they eat, live, work, etc.? The Mentawai society is made up of clans. Each clan has a secular chief and a…

Travel Market – Segmentation

1. The Travel Market can be segmented into 3 segments: Luxury travellers, Adventurers and Budget travellers. These segments are identified by demographics like age and income, psychological factors like personality, and benefits sought like needs and product features. Luxury travellers are usually older or middle-aged consumers who are already financially prosperous and look for relaxation…

Indofood Swot Analysis

PT.Indofood Sukses Makmur is the Indonesia most successful company in producing food and drinks. PT.Indofood is located at Jakarta and it is founded by Sudono Salim in 1990 with the name of PT. Panganjaya Intikusuma and changed their name in 1994 to Indofood. Indofood company has also exported their food and drinks into Australia,Europe, and…

Principles of Rukun negara

AS MALAYSIANS of all races prepare to commemorate the 53rd Merdeka anniversary, I would like to stress once again the very fundamentals that have brought us together which are the very principles contained in the Rukun Negara, our national philosophy. Through its five tenets (Belief in God; Loyalty to the King and Country; Upholding the…

Separation of singapore from malaysia

2. Why was separation inevitable? Economic reasons Delays in setting up common market Imposition of new taxes on Singapore Attempts to increase Spore’s contribution to the central government Political reasons Political rivalry Racial politics Effects of the Malaysian Malaysia campaign 3. Details of disagreements – Economic reasons Kuala Lumpur saw Singapore as an economic rival…

Air Asia in the Kingdom of Thailand

1. Air Asia in General Air Asia Berhad is a Malaysian low-cost airline headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has been named as the world’s best low-cost airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia and is now currently the largest low fare, no-frills airline in Asia. It is also one of the largest…

Malaysian Ethics: The Bad, The Ugly and The Worst

We have compiled a short video of different ethics and personalities. Malaysia is definitely a unique country in terms of culture, religion and ethics. Its diversity is the main reason for its colorful ethics which are also unpredictable at times. Malaysian ethics are not all good or wonderful but rather scary in truth. The idiom…

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia airlines:  what they did in real life and outcome performance after their adjustment and solution? Malaysia Airlines reduces fuel costs Malaysia Airlines reduces fuel costs on 40 aircrafts, including their A380 fleet, with SITA’s FMS Wind Uplink service. Flight Management System (FMS) calculations are constantly updated by the new service, therefore the airline can…

Transnational Management of Jollibee Food Corporation

Jollibee is a fast food chain that is based in Manila, Philippines. Inspired by Tony’s chef dad back in 1977, the home style hamburger quickly became an instant hit among the Filipino’s market. Today, Jollibee is a family of a total of 750 stores across worldwide in countries like Vietnam, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and more….

The Effects of Imperialism Upon Indonesia

After studying the two cases of imperialism; one of India, and one of several countries in Africa, for my project I have decided to research the nineteenth century colony of Indonesia. I feel very motivated about researching this country, especially since I spend 3 years of my life living there. Unfortunately, while I was live…

Cruelty in Animals

As human beings, we cannot live without other people. In order to survive, we need each other and should help each other. However, we need not only people but also other creatures, such as animals. Their presence is essential in human life as well. They can provide food, help us to earn money, be our…

Minangkabau (Fundamental of culture, religion, belief and tradition)

The Minangkabau ethnic group, also known as Minang (Urang minang in Minangkabau language), is indigenous to the highlands of West Sumatra, in Indonesia. Their culture is matrilineal, with property and land passing down from mother to daughter, while religious and political affairs are the responsibility of men (although some women also play important roles in…

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