Indian Essay Examples

Indian girl

He was a good husband. No one could deny it. He let her have her own way, indulged her, even. When the kitchen was remodelled, for example, and she wanted pink and grey tiles even though he preferred white. White. A clean colour. A colour he believed to be innocent, just like his wife. He was… View Article

Consequences of colonialism in India

Colonialism of Britain in India impacted heavily on different levels of life and culture. The indigenous languages of the natives in India were being wiped out and the English language began spreading very quickly. The Europeans aimed at altering the Indian culture to more a European style. India depended so much on Great Britain for… View Article

North American Indian Religions

North American Indian religions rely on icons to give meaning to the immediate environment and the cosmos in general. Icons also symbolize the elemental powers of nature – the spirits, the supernatural world, and the forests. In addition, icons also describes man’s relationship with the so-called ‘Supreme Being. ‘ In many North American Indian religions,… View Article

Flourishing of Indian Culture in Gupta Empire

The era of Gupta Empire, which lasted for two centuries on the territories of modern northern India, can be named as a period of economic, cultural and social rise of Indian community. Leadership of the Emperors of Gupta Dynasty was very successful, and there were peace, order and social harmony set up at Gupta territories…. View Article

White and Indian Relations between 1865 to 1900

Confrontations and conflicts between White American and Native American during the late eighteen hundreds become increasingly one sided. From ritual practices and beliefs to land ownership and government policy; Native Americans and there white contour parts differed greatly. Between 1865 to 1900 the “White man” and Native American relationships in western United States could be… View Article

What Young India Wants

Every morning, India wakes up to brand new stories of scams, corruption, rape , child deaths and suicide by students or farmers. Over the years, we’ve grown so used to this kind of news that we’ve stopped caring, if not demur at the crunch in some kind- especially the youth. What Young India Wants plunges… View Article