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Income Distribution

The total wage of a private sector worker is of US$137, 9 dollars per month; as it is considered that in each family has other income, and the minimum income per family will be of 224 dollars per month. This wage allows family to buy 67% of the basic basket, it is to say a… View Article

Income and wealth

The problem of distribution of income and wealth has traditionally been a plague upon our society. The prevailing question that we are to answer is how much income and wealth should people rightfully possess? Some believe that people deserve to have their needs fulfilled whereas others feel what people deserve or should rightfully possess is… View Article

Financial accounting standards

The income statement, which portrays the financial performance of the company, is also described in the financial statements elements. Income and expenses from ordinary activities are recognized as the main elements of such statement, which when matched result in a profit or loss for the period. Capital maintenance adjustments are also pointed out, which may… View Article

Income Inequality and Its Affects on Healthcare

Mastrianna (2010) speaks of income inequality as variations in earnings among individuals and households. He states that some income disparity is desirable for creating an incentive for individuals to invest in education and training and to take risks in employment and investment for greater rewards. Concerns are being voiced as to the income inequality in… View Article

Disadvantages of Globalization

Globalization is any company’s target. However, it should be noted that globalization has disadvantages as well as advantages. One of the disadvantages of globalization is the over-standardization of products through global branding. Using Emirate Airline to illustrate this point, globalization will means that their services are standardized which aim to serve all customers. They would… View Article

National Income

The total income of a nation is called national income. The aggregrate economic performance of the whole economy is measured by the national income data, In fact ,national income data provide a summary statement of a country’s aggregate economic activity. In real term ,national income is the flow of goods and services produced in an… View Article

Classification and Format in the Income Statement

Investors commonly assess a firm’s value based on the firm’s expected future sustainable earnings stream. To inform analysts and other financial statement users about sustainable earnings, firms often report income from recurring business activities separately from income effects from unusual or nonrecurring activities (such as asset impairments, restructuring, discontinued business segments, and extraordinary events). To… View Article

Modernization of NTUC income

1) What were the problems faced by income in this case ? how were the problems resolved by the new digital system? The problems faced by income: * Income’s insurance processes were very tedious and paper-based. * The hp 3000 system experienced a total of three major hardware failures * The hp 3000 make a… View Article

Poverty Destroys Education in America

Poor people do not have weaker work ethics or lower levels of motivation than wealthier people (Iversen & Farber, 1996; Wilson, 1997). Although poor people are often stereotyped as lazy, 83 percent of children from low-income families have at least one employed parent; close to 60 percent have at least one parent who works full-time… View Article

Case Studies in Finance Company G & H

Company G deals mostly in selling books in a large retail setting, however they implement a concept that is more community-based. Company H deals in a variety of media, including books, music, and video along with electronics and other varieties of merchandise. Not only does Company H differ in merchandise variety, but it also differs… View Article

Limitation of Using Gdp to Measure Standard of Living

Although national income is a convenient way for measuring the standard of living between countries, it still has its limitations. Firstly, as national income statistics are calculated from millions of different returns to the government, inevitably mistakes are made. For example, returns may be inaccurate or simply not completed. This makes the data incorrect, hence… View Article

Requirements for Reporting Comprehensive Income

FASB topic 220-10-45 outlines what is required for companies to report comprehensive income (CI). To do this, the entity must report CI either in a single continuous financial statement or in two separate but consecutive financial statements. If an entity prefers to report CI in a single continuous financial statement, then the entity must report… View Article

Poverty and Income Inequality in South Korea

South Korea is counted among the world’s leading economies alongside giants such as United States and Germany (Wiseman & Nishiwaki, 2006). Before the financial crisis hit Asia in 1997, South Korea was among the fastest growing economies of the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate exceeding 5 percent (Kakwani, Khandker, & Son)…. View Article

National Income Statistics and Standard of Living

The national income statistics show that the USA has the highest standard of living; this can be proved by looking at the gross national income of The United States, which is $12,969.6 million, and the gross national income per capita which is $43,740. This figure is over 125 times the income per capita of Tanzania… View Article

Unemployment in Developed and Developing Countries

Introduction Attaining a full employment level, where only a natural level of unemployment exists, is one important macroeconomic objective and they key to this attaining this objective is job creation. This report is a cross sectional econometric analysis of how different factors lead to the creation of jobs in countries with differing Gross National Income… View Article