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In the United States, many states Essay

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In the United States, many states

The rescue game, a joint social responsibility, must be approached with a lot of tact and undying resilience. With mortality rates on the high and visible evidences of the cause stirring us in the face, we are left with but one question, just one: who is the real killer? The very undeniable frequent recurrence of death through heart disease has been on the high for long stretches of time, which earlier was solely traceable to tobacco. The earlier discovery though incomplete has led the Government of the United States to impose heavy taxes on the tobacco manufacturing companies.

Much of the funds realized from such taxes have helped to project billboards and campaigns against tobacco use. However, of late a more devastating killer of mankind was sighted. This, which had stayed so closely to the bosom of humans and even lured many until it became a delight, suddenly brings out its silent pistol carting the lives of many away. Who may have realized how potentially harmful a seeming sumptuous high-fat diet would have turned out? The facts are however showing by the day in alarming numbers of the heart disease even in non-smokers.

I hereby use this medium to vigorously alert the Government to the incumbent dangers and threat to life these die hard life stealer have been and therewith request urgently that a bill be passed to levy high-fat fast food producers with heavy tax duties as was with the tobacco, seeing now this high fat foods even kills more and faster than other possible causes of heart failure. Such funds can then be re-channeled to educate the still ignorant many through the use of advance multimedia projections on lighted digital boards, billboard, newspaper and television.

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