Importance of hunting Essay

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Importance of hunting

Like baseball and apple pie, hunting is an American tradition shared by young and old, rich and poor, regardless of social or economic status. Three out of every ten people are against hunting but for what reasons? What makes them stand out from the seven out of ten that are for hunting? My preference supports hunting for many reasons. Hunting is important because without it there would be animals struggling to survive because of the shortage of the nutrient food they need on a daily basis to stay healthy. It would also cut down the number of damage done to vehicles by animals.

It also gets more kids outdoors and involved in agriculture activities which is needed now days. Believe it or not hunting is also a big part of our economy bringing in hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The first and foremost reason it’s important is because it reduces the number of abundant animals struggling to survive and causing car wrecks. Many states including Nebraska have opened special seasons for the notoriously known “trophy” whitetail deer. Whitetail deer are in abundant numbers all over the United Sates, some people see them as pets, but even more people see them as pests.

They destroy crops and cause car wrecks. The average claim after a deer collision is 3,100 dollars. Every 1 in 85 people have known or heard of someone dying because of a collision with a deer. The number of these animals is stable because of one thing and that is hunting! Without hunters hunting these animals they would be unhealthy, and over populating the suburbs of the southern parts of the United States and the country side of the Midwest. They would also be causing severe or fatal car wrecks. Deer aren’t the only abundant animal there are many others including wild Turkey, Elk, and Bear.

These animals are all struggling because of the three out of ten people that are against hunting, if just one of those three people would change there mind and see that the animals and humans both are struggling even more without hunting it would make a major difference. The second reason is that it gets more kids involved in the outdoors and other agriculture activities. Every year obesity becomes more of a problem for one reason; video games. If more kids were exposed to hunting or to the outdoors alone that could make them see that there’s a much better life outdoors then inside sitting down in front of there TV eating a bag potato chips.

If more kids got involved in hunting it would also help the reducing of the abundant animals. This would mean less suffering and car wrecks. Many states are lowering the prices of there youth permits in hope that it will get more youth hunters in the field. All states have a mentor hunting program that takes kids hunting whose parents do not hunt or are not eligible to hunt. The National survey of fishing, hunting, and wildlife recreation, states that the number of youth hunters has tripled since 2006. It also states that the number of car wrecks dealing with deer has decreased 15 percent since 2006.

Nearly 80 percent of adult hunters started hunting as youths. They predict that only 15 percent of youth in the year 2020 will hunt. Hunting leads into other agriculture activities. More kids are also becoming irresponsible do to one thing the lack of chores. Every eight in ten kids will tell you they do not have chores. Those two kids that say they do have chores are usually farm kids or have parents who grew up on a farm or engaged in agriculture activities. The third reason is vitally important to are economy and for the future. Many people say that hunting deals nothing with the economy of the world and there wrong.

12. 5 million People 16 years of age and older enjoy hunting a variety of animals within the United States. They hunt about 220 days a year and take about 185 trips. Hunting expenditures totaled about $22. 9 billion dollars. Hunting also generates more then $67 billion dollars in economic output and more than one million jobs in the United States. Hunting also generates $25 billion dollars in retail sales, $17 billion dollars in salaries and wages, and employs 575,000 Americans. If hunting was outlawed think of all the people who would be with out a job!

They would struggle JUST like the abundant animals. Like Baseball and apple pie hunting is an important American tradition that should never change because without it there would be animals struggling to survive because of the shortage of the nutrient food they need on a daily basis to stay healthy. Car wrecks related to animals would increase. And it also gets more kids outdoors and involved in agriculture activities which is needed now days. It also boosts the economy, bringing billions of dollars each year. I hope you are on the same page as me now and see that hunting isn’t wrong.

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