Implications Essay Examples

Implications for current and prospective teachers

For educators of the present generation, it is very important to understand how this particular procedure of teaching should affect the process by which they are implying the lessons of grammar and writing within their students. There are at least seven ways of implying the lessons on the students with regards grammar and writing as… View Article

Future Implications

Firstly, it is necessary to state that UMLS is able to provide approaches to solving different informatics problems and thus to contribute significantly to development of health care services. Furthermore, UMLS would help in conducting researches in the spheres of clinical content: clinical assessments, chest x-ray reports, ambulatory family-practice records, nurses’ notes, consulting notes, history… View Article

Ethical Considerations and Implications

To digress into the philosophical and ethical discussions of state punishment is not to alienate the concept of punishment from justification for crimes done but to offer an insight into the principle of proportionality. Ideally, it is not possible to stifle concerns of the legalized infliction of harm and the trampling of inalienable human rights… View Article

Elder Abuse and Neglect: Trends and Implications

Considering the growing number of elder population in the world, and more specifically in the US, the reality of elder abuse or mistreatment has increasingly become a cause of concern specially for the health sector. Political and social forums have lent a stage for policy debates related to elder abuse. Though statistics show that elder… View Article

Possible Implications

Throughout the world, it is quite understandable that there are countries that place policies in order to restrict the flow of foreign programs, movies, and magazines into their territory. For example, in Canada and France, such forms of entertainment that were produced in the United States are given restrictions in terms of number; hence in… View Article

Policy Making Implications

Although it is often assumed that policy makers formulate policies and that intelligence agencies implement those policies, the reality is often more complex. An analysis of the relevant literature suggests that there is a rather persistent tension that exists between policy makers and intelligence agencies when it comes to defining analytic priorities in the United… View Article

Implications of the Study

The study of Willard and Luker actually notes the factor that contributes to the capabilities of the health institutions and their staff in handling the preferences of their patients especially that of the issues regarding EOL or the End of Life situations. People are usually concerned on their preferences with which they are to entrust… View Article

Implications of the Cournot Duopoly Model

The Cournot Duopoly Model is a generalization that describes industry structures when more than one firm (having considerable market power) interacts and competes in the same market. The model assumes that if two rival firms producing a homogenous product with the same cost functions (usually treated as common knowledge) split a market, the firms will… View Article