Implementation Essay Examples

Enterprise systems

Major differences in the two systems’ implementation are speed of implementation, ease of implementation, cost and level of customizability. A major benefit of a commercial enterprise system is the speed of implementation. Many modern enterprise systems work “out of the box” for some standardized process flows such as HR management or inventory control, allowing for… View Article

Factors Which Affect Decision Implementation

Correct decisions, the two previous papers elaborately developed, can be arrived at only if the requisite process of ponderously putting many influencing factors in perspective is observed. Since errors in decision-making can end up being costly both for the company and its stakeholders alike, it has been seen that the use of critical thinking has… View Article

Precision System Inc

The decision that the group would take is to implement a web-based ordering system that would allow customers to configure their orders in accordance with the specification that they want. Through this the data entry error will decrease. The necessary steps for planning the implementation of a web-based ordering system are stated bellow. The first… View Article

Web Service Implementation

Christiansen, S. (2002) once described ‘web services’ as “a potential political intrusion” (p. 15). When we think what does this sentence mean and when we add the fact that “web services are hot -by their nature- and not easy to make them workable in practice” like Siddhartha, P. (2002, p. 587) mentioned; then we could… View Article

Enterprise Resource Planning and Software Systems

Hershey Food Corporation, the biggest manufacturer of candy products in the United States, decided to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning system titled Enterprise 21 starting in 1996. The ERP system consisted of many different software systems. These systems included SAP AG, Manugistics, and Siebel systems. With the implementation of these software systems, Hershey believed… View Article

Design Fashion Implementation Plan

The Blue Group selected online personalized fashion as its product to implement. The idea for My Design Fashion is to create a new business or expand an existing business that allows shoppers to select pieces of clothing and design them to their personal fashion tastes. Online tools such as a virtual dressing room will be… View Article

International Policy Formulation and Implementation

With the improvement in international relations and organizations such as the International monetary funds, UN, USAID, UNHCR among others, there has been an evident increase in international policies (Diane, 2008). The need to set the relations between different countries such as trade relations, peace relations and international aid has increased the need for the formulation… View Article

Balanced Scorecard

The realization of the implementation of the balanced scorecard in the Chinese car insurance company which is the main goal of the research would be possible through the use of different methods that are extensively focused in this chapter. A research design is used in guiding the researcher on getting solutions to the research questions…. View Article


The article by Pressman and Wildavsky analyses the problems associated with the implementation of EDA plan in Oakland. The Congress established the Economic Development Administration which went to different cities with the mandate of empowering the minority groups by providing them with jobs. The administration chose Oakland as a pilot project to experiment how provision… View Article

Mentorship Meeting Worksheet

Please complete this sheet with your mentor and submit it to your instructor. Date of Meeting: Meeting Duration: 1. Meeting notes – what was discussed during your meeting? Discipline in your work environment, being responsible with yourself and your coworkers and help the best possible way to help work get done in a moderate time…. View Article

IT Project Implementation Failures

Subsequent to a health care organization acquiring a new information system, is the system implementation process, the third of four stages in the systems development lifecycle. A significant amount of support and dedication is needed from senior executives and should take precedence within the organization. Adequate resources should be available to all individuals involved in… View Article

Electronic Health Records

Implementing a new electronic health records (EHR) system to replace manual records is an extremely complicated task. EHRs use complex algorithms to exchange patient data among different physicians and departments such as a pharmacy and laboratory. EHRs are becoming popular because employees and patients can access records anytime and anywhere. Patient drug alerts are also… View Article

Owens & Minor case for aligning supply chain incentives

Executive Summary Statement of issues: Due to the changes of business environment, O&M suffered a continuous loss on business. Instead of acting individually, customers formed buying groups and combined buying power to gain advantages in negotiating gross margin with distributor. With the increased popularity of JIT and stockless idea, customers want to shift cost and… View Article

Whirlpool Corporation – Giving Erp a Spin

Statement of the Problem * How could the Whirlpool Corp. cope up with the changes in the corporation due to implementation of ERP applications, including SAP? Objectives Amend problems regarding shipment delays that causes customer dissatisfaction. Improve the implementation of SAP for more organized and on-time order-delivery cycle and to regain customer loyalty. Areas of… View Article