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Implement Person Centred Approaches Essay

1.1 The purpose of “Person-centred values” is to ensure that the service user needing care is placed at the very centre of the decision making process about their life, the services and support they want and need. 1.2The service user is always placed in the centre of the planning of the care programme required, in that they will always be consulted and that there views will always come first. Therefore the plan is made for the service user, and it should include all aspects of care, from the Social and Health Services, from that service users family and from the voluntary sector. The service user will then always be provided with the best care and feel safe and included with their best interests. 1.3 The person centred approach to risk includes making an assessment with the people involved in the plan such as the service user, their relatives and other professionals. Risk taking is part of a person centred approach as this controls the service user to have choices about what they want to do in their lives as well as to be part of their community. Not allowing individuals to take risks can have a negative impact on an service users life to not live it as they want.

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1.4 To be person centred the service user must always be at the centre of their care plan. Service users must always to be consulted and their views must always come first. No two care plans are are the same because each service user is different from another. Service users should be involved at every stage of their care plan, from deciding who to involve, how to meet the service users needs, the support required and how to feedback on how the care plan is working. 3.1It is always important to establish the consent of the service user when providing any care or support. This is essential to include that service user with any decision making, in order to ensure that they do not feel left out or ignored, this way they can understand and agree to their care and support. 3.3If consent cannot be established I would discuss the problem with management and, if necessary, the individual’s doctor and advocate. I would also make a record of this, which I would sign and date.

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4.1Active participation benefits the service user because that person is always made to feel that they are alwaysm important, and that things are done for their benefit, with their consent. This ensures a positive approach for the individual that makes them an active part of how they choose to live and puts them first and in control. 4.2 The possible barriers to active participation could be the emotions, the disabilities, and the attitudes of the service users involved, all of these these things can decrease active participation by the service user in any activity.

5.3Workers personal views should not influence an service users choices as they are not facts and can discriminate against against the service users choices. This may decrease the encouragement and self confidence of the service user, they could then loose trust in the worker. They would not be working to the service users best interests. 5.4.It is important to encourage questions through discussions with the service user, we as support workers are there to listen to them, we need to make them aware of the policies and procedures, their rights and complaints procedures. Also, they need to be aware of any avocates they may wish to know about. 6.1 Self – A service users identity is how we recognise their potential and their own personal qualities.

Self esteem – This is how the service user values themself.
Well-being – This is the general mental and physical health of the service user, their needs must be met in a physical, emotional, social and interllectual basis. The links between are the effects of possible discrimination, abuse, lack of services. All of these things can reduce levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, affecting the service users emotional health.

6.2 Treating each person as an individual is important as a support worker, we must be aware of the service users feelings and keeping the privacy, and maintaining their dignity as well as respect for their religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs. We must work in partnership with other organisations and health professionals to achieve realistic goals. We need to encourage individuals to gain self-esteem and listen to encourage to also develop their independance.

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