ICT Essay Examples

Disabled Use of ICT

ICT has proven an essential part of our modern society, and now disabled people are becoming more independent and being fully enabled citizens in the modern information society due to ICT. I will be writing about John Patel who has the unfortunate condition of having to use wheelchair due to the spinal injury paraplegia, other… View Article

The Impact of ICT on the Local Community in Southall

Southall is located in suburb of London, borough of Ealing it is close to Heathrow airport which is one of the busiest airports in the world, which creates lots of jobs and a large number of Southall resident are employed in Heathrow. Southall is a small area but hold a large amount of population. Southall… View Article

How and When We Use ICT

The communication system in the world is essential to modern day life. This may include mobile phones or normal household phones, which instantly allow someone to hear another persons voice from anywhere around the world, after you code in the required phone number. This saves a great deal of hassle, time and money as there… View Article

ICT – The Way I do Things at Home and at School

I use ICT a lot at home and at school and in this report I will show how, where, when and why I use these appliances. At home there are many appliances which use ICT, for example; Microwaves, Mobile Phones etc. But there are also some appliances which I also use at school for example;… View Article

ICT Leisure Center

The Magnet Leisure Centre is in Aylesbury. Every type of people come there & uses its facilities. Its population is about 500.In present moment it have limited ICT system so that’s why it have some problems, which can be corrected by using ICT system. In the Leisure centre we have following facilities: 1: Cafeteria/bar 2:Healthsuite… View Article

ICT Meeting Special Needs

Introduction In this report I will describe a wide range of technologies which Tony Mcnulty, who is disabled, with an evaluation of the extent to which these meet their needs. Tony is paralyzed so he can no longer use his hands and legs properly. Sometimes Tony cannot hear very well sometimes and has to have… View Article

Analysis ICT Case

In this investigation, I take the role of Pat, who is studying ICT. The team, who is organising the Lancre Festival, needs help so that they can make sure the Festival is a success. Stuart Harris, the leader of the team has asked me to help to solve some of their problems. This festival is… View Article

ICT Usage by the Eldery

In this unit of my coursework I shall be writing about an elderly lady with special needs who is helped with the usage of ICT. The person that I’m going to be writing about is Mrs Ann Reynolds, an 87 year old lady suffering from arthritis, she lives alone in her own house that she… View Article

How Business’s Use ICT

INTRODUCTION: In this report I will be investigating a company and telling you how and why they use ICT within their company. Also I will tell you how using ICT benefits them and helps them get around their business smoothly. The company that I will investigate is the supermarket mega store Asda. The location of… View Article

The Impact of ICT in the Local Community

Redbridge The London borough of Redbridge is located in greater London. It has a good supply of technology and transport but all of this was possible because of ICT. Without ICT there would not have been an attraction of tourism and business. It now has a wider population than it did before and by day… View Article

ICT and an Adult in Education

Mr Williams is a teacher at my school, he teaches ICT and Business Studies at KS3, ICT at KS4, Form Tutor, Production, Collection and Collation of Reports for the whole of my school. He produces information on students and for staff to help in teaching and learning, he also produces statistics for staff, senior staff,… View Article

How is ICT Used in Schools and What are the Effects?

Introduction I have chosen to do a report on the effect on schools and colleges. I chose this topic because I attend school every day and I can find out a lot about schools. I can also find out about the use of ICT in colleges because my mother works at a college. I will… View Article

Personal and Social Uses of ICT

I use ICT personally as well as socially and at home which is sometimes very helpful for me as I can do my work faster and in a better quality. Here are some examples of technologies I use: * Mobile Phone * DVD Player * Digital TV * Calculator * MP3 Player * Digital Camera… View Article

How Organisations Use ICT

The Northampton Academy is a new comprehensive school situated on the Billing Brook Road in Lings. There are 1300 students attending this school with the age range of these varying from 11-18 years. Northampton Academy Many business organisations use ICT in different ways depending on the type of organisation and how ICT can improve and… View Article