Hypnosis Essay Examples

Hypnotism: Are we really getting sleepy?

The history of hypnotism can be traced back to 4000 years ago where the use of hypnotism can be said to have emerged with human consciousness. Hieroglyphics and other manuscripts in ancient Egypt show evidence hypnotism and its use during the ancient times. By the eighteenth century, hypnotism began to obtain a scientific history. It… View Article

The Tremendous Benefit of Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a condition in which a person under a trance-like state (more likely compared to being half-asleep) responds to suggestions given by another person with the exemption of self-hypnosis when no second person is needed for the experience. Accordingly, hypnosis does not depend on the power of the second person or the hypnotist; rather,… View Article

A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

Every successful hypnotherapy session must have an induction ensuring that the client is relaxed and is in a disassociated state in order fully experience the process. The type of induction used can be dependent on the personal preferences of the therapist or the type of hypnotherapy being undertaken in the session. There has been some… View Article

A personalised induction will always be more effective

A personalised induction is the hypnotic induction that is tailored to suit individual people. It can be quite easy to fall into the trap of thinking that one screed will suit all however, it must be understood that everybody is different and when trying to induct them into a hypnotic state it means that the… View Article

The relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias

Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues using hypnotherapy. Stress and anxiety are the natural reactions to fear and change. There is no single cause of stress and we will all have experienced it at times in our lives. It can be potentially very harmful,… View Article