Hydrogen Essay Examples

The rate of reaction changes

Fair Testing In this investigation I will keep constant the following to make a fair test:  The volume of Hydrogen Peroxide in each experiment. The mass of catalyst used in the preliminary work but this will be the independent variable in the second part to the investigation.  The same equipment as there may be minor… View Article

The purpose of this coursework

Referring to the table2 and figure4 we can see that the amount of zinc used up in my experiments to produce 50cm3 of hydrogen was approximately 0. 30g. Fig5 – Rate of production of hydrogen I also predict that for any concentration level the reaction will be fastest at the beginning and then slow down… View Article

The substrate concentration

And all of it was clean and had not been used by anybody else. We cut up the potato into its 1cmi?? pieces and put 4 pieces in the boiling tube. While the potato was waiting to be reacted we put it on tissue to stop anything getting on it which could affect the experiment…. View Article

Rates of reaction experiments

I was planning to observe each reaction for 10 minutes and was able to do so because the reactions started getting slow after a while I had a few problems during my experiment. The size of the chips was not exactly the same, each group was made up of chips of approximately equal sizes and… View Article

The volume of oxygen gas produced in a certain time

I will also being doing 3 repeats of each reaction in order to get a set of more reliable and accurate results because they results will vary. The reactions will be as follows: 1) 5 cm3 of H2O2 and 5 cm3 of yeast (100% of yeast) 2) 5 cm3 of H2O2, 4 cm3 of yeast… View Article

Calcium Chloride

The temperature should be kept at the same throughout the experiment to create a set of fair and even results.  The volume of Hydrogen peroxide must be kept the same otherwise the alginate balls would travel different distances.  The shape of the measuring cylinder must be kept the same otherwise the alginate balls would travel… View Article

The activity of catalase

For example: a) There is a slight delay between pouring the Hydrogen Peroxide into the yeast, putting the bung on and starting the stopwatch. This will slightly affect all the results but as I carried out all the three steps in the same way for all the experiments it should not make any difference to… View Article

Peroxide and Catalase

This was done by filling a beaker with tap water; it was filled with enough water so that when the full burette was able to be inverted into it with the water above the mouth of the burette. The burette was carefully clamped so that its markings pointed to the front and could be seen… View Article

Hydrogen vehicles

Introduction There are many debates that are advocating for a proper implementation of transport systems, involving greatly upgraded sea transport, conversion of freight industry away from the road network. It is therefore possible for a company to reduce greenhouse gas for the benefit of the environment, through the adaptation of these transport systems. The debates… View Article

Determine the Reaction Stoichiometry and the Valency of Magnesium

Objective: To study the quantitative relationship between the amount of the reactants and products of a reaction. A known starting mass of magnesium and the measured collection of hydrogen gas will be used to determine the reaction stoichiometry and the valency of magnesium. Introduction: Stoichiometry is the study of the quantitative relationship between amounts of… View Article

Hydrogen Summary

* This is how hydrogen fuel cells work: 1. Gas stored in tanks 2. Atoms reach anode 3. Become hydrogen ion and a free electron 4. Ion goes through electrolyte layer 5. Hydrogen ion passes, but free electron does not 6. Free electron runs through external circuit from anode (-) to cathode (+) 7. Current… View Article

Two Carbohydrate Solution

This experiment consist of 2 part . First part is to test whether solution A and solution B are reducing sugar. Second part of the experiment is to investigate 2 type of reaction , biological reaction and chemical reaction. The chemical enzyme is hydrochloric acid while the biological enzyme is amylase saliva . The specific… View Article

Handling a Sulphuric Acid Spill

There has been a spill of concentrated sulphuric acid at the chemical plant where I work at as the Safety Engineer. In this report, I will explain what Sulfuric Acid is, the health risks and hazards associated with it, the safety precautions that should be taken and how the spill should be handled. Sulfuric Acid,… View Article

The heat of combustion of ethanol

EXPERIMENT AIM: To determine the experimental heat of combustion of methanol (CH3OH) and ethanol (CH3CH2OH). To decide which would be a better choice to take on a camping trip. MATERIALS: 1 Copper container 1 Clamp 1 Spirit Lamp with Wick Ethanol 1 Retort Stand Methanol 1 Box of Matches Water 1 Electronic Balance Thermometer PROCEDURE:… View Article

Chemistry Laboratory Report

Title: Factors affecting reaction ratesProcedure A: Effect of ConcentrationAim: To investigate how the concentration of a reactant affects the rate of reaction. Hypothesis: The more concentrated the reactant, the faster the rate of reaction. Materials: 2M hydrochloric acid solution, magnesium wire, distilled water, 4 test-tubes, measuringcylinder. Procedure:1)10mL 2M hydrochloric acid solution is poured into a… View Article