Humanity Essay Examples

Humanity Case

Humanity.  Perhaps this is the only word that can explain the strange comings and goings of the man from Nazareth, called Jesus.  “The Lost Tomb of Jesus,” aired March 3, on the Discovery Channel, an amazing piece of documentary.  In the city of Jerusalem, in the midst of an apartment complex, was found a place… View Article

The cry of humanity

Many people often cry for this word in some parts of their lives. People express their craving for this entity in different manners such that protests and silent rebellion can be counted as examples of expression of the desire in attaining freedom. People may seem to be so vulnerable when it comes to freedom that… View Article


People not only have a responsibility to others in the world, but an obligation to follow through,a s much as is possible, to shape a future world where conditions provide the best opportunities for all people to secure safety and happiness. Such a belief has often been regarded as “utopian” or highly idealistic, but it… View Article

Tangibility and intangibility of humanity

In my artwork which is done in clay I attempted to portray how high and low culture can be merged in a sculpture. My intention for this piece was to portray a character normally found in fiction, and; attribute it with features that express human emotion. Looking at my piece one could easily say that… View Article

The Interrelated Concepts of Culture, Civilization and Humanity

The concepts of culture, civilization and humanity revolved around a society. In discussing societal issues, we inevitably stumble upon these concepts, as they are the building blocks of every community. Culture is the inherent collection of discernible characteristics of a group of people that comprise a society. Manifested in many ways, the culture within a… View Article

Crime against Humanity

In the history of International laws, the foundation of the term “crime against humanity” can be said to be weak. The concept of the term has also been changing overtime. The term has also been interpreted differently through generations. The confusions and the unresolved principle of the crime were burdened by its features common to… View Article