Human Essay Examples

Aristotle and Aurelius

Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics goes to show that he believes that the end goal of all human actions is eudaimonia, or happiness through success and fulfillment. Following this concept Aristotle goes on to explain that through virtuosity a human being can lead a happy life. He defines virtue as a disposition to make the correct decisions… View Article

Educational Philosophy

Human nature is the product of one’s environment. Change the environment to change the behavior. Reinforce good behavior, punish bad behavior Conservation of cultural heritage preserves the wisdom of the achievements of humankind. Behavior evolves within the conditioning influence of the institutional system, tradition is the repository of a collective social intelligence. Constructivism is an… View Article

What Is Philosophy

Philosophy is integrated into every individual’s life. This essay will analyse the differences between Western, Chinese and Indian traditions. It will evaluate what it is that constitutes a valid philosophical enquiry and investigate different branches of philosophy. It will also look into the ways in which philosophy is utilised in contemporary society and the ways… View Article

Language of the Neanderthal

It is understood that the Neanderthal was an exceptional thinker and communicator; but there are heavy debates that question whether or not it spoke with a language. Some argue that the hyoid bone of the Neanderthal was too high in relation to its larynx to enable its tongue to form words, while others argue the… View Article

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

The sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered or learned is what every dictionary or scientist would answer when one would ask them to define knowledge. Imagination, is what these scientists and dictionaries would answer when they were given the question to state one word on the following: ‘The faculty of imagining, or… View Article

Teachers Day

?In our country 5th September is celebrated as Teachers’ day. 5th September is the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. When Dr. Radhakrishnan became the president of India in 1962. It would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers’ day”. The request showed Dr. Radhakrishnan’s love for the teaching… View Article

Human being

There has always been a concern as to why some people behave in some weird ways that not any ordinary person will act in such a manner. It is a fact that all individuals are different from each other but there are expectations that human beings have over others. That certain character trait should not… View Article

Science and Erosion of Human Values

All law in some sense teaches and forms us, while also regulating our behaviour. The same applies to our public policies, including the ones that govern our scientific research. There is no such thing as morally neutral legislation or morally neutral public policy. Every law is the public expression of what somebody thinks we “ought”… View Article

Before The Law: A Psychological Approach

There aren’t many descriptions of the setting discussed in the story, while in the process of reading it, the reader seems to only know that there is a gate, a doorkeeper, and a man trying to get in. It is not until the end of the story that it is realized that there may in… View Article

Personal Space and the Impact of Eye Contact

As being a very important part of the human’s behavior, Personal Space and eye contact attracted a lot of scientists and research institutions. As Jeff Hughes and Morton Goldman (1978) have shown that how variations in eye contact and of experimental confederate affected the violation of personal space. Different people have different definitions to the… View Article

The Foundations of Human Development

Human development is the biological, psychological, and social process that a human being must go through to reach full maturity. It defines who we are and how we interact with and view the environment around us. Understanding human development and how it affects an individual is an essential theme in human services. Understanding the bio-psycho-social… View Article

People Naturally Resist Making Changes in Their Lives

There is a sentence meaning: “Rivers have their smooth areas as well as their rough regions, and the life of human beings go up at this time and go down at another time”. Therefore, people have to renew themselves, keep learning new things to overcome challenges. People, however, naturally refuse to make changes in their… View Article


No, humans did not evolve from monkeys, but did we evolve from apes then? Well turns out even though we are more closely related to apes than monkeys, we still didn’t evolve from them. So who or what did humans evolve from? Scientists believe that humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes (gorillas,… View Article

Identities and Belonging

As social animals, human beings have a need to belong. Human beings need the stimulus of other human beings to reach their full potential. One’s identity is formed and influenced by the groups one belongs to. Humans are by nature sociable beings that must learn to cooperate for peaceful existence to occur but are also… View Article

Personal Reflections Paper

In this paper, I am going to identify a state of time in which I experience invidious comparison and vicarious traumatization. While recognizing propositions to angles, I am likewise going to deliver how to stop invidious comparison. As well as distinguishing procedures that I use to keep away from vicarious traumatization in my own individual… View Article