HTML Essay Examples

Internet Web Servers and HTML

In order to create a web page, a host must be first be found, or created. The Internet host is a site where the web page becomes available for view by users on the world wide web. While web pages can be hosted by an individual, most people prefer to use a host site as… View Article

Intro to Internet

Although it is true that professional web designers prefer using raw html codes when creating a web page, they admit that using HTML editors such as DreamWeaver, Frontpage, and Netscape Composer has advantages. The beauty these programs lies in its ease of use. Unlike raw html where in the designer must remember raw html coding… View Article


Our technology develops so fast specially in the computer world, but yet we keep wondering about HTML/ PHP. We use internet, but we don’t even know that we are already using HTML. Here area some question questions that we keep asking “how do they do that? ” “Why do the letters keep on moving? ”… View Article

Html or Hypertext

Html speaks the language of the internet. Html or Hypertext Markup Language is a coding language that most web browsers understand. It tells Microsoft Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or Mozilla Firefox how to display online information. Every browser in the market knows how to handle html generated web pages. Since, html is the basic language of… View Article

The HTML page

HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language is a scripting language which is primarily used for building web pages (W3C. org, 2007). The language is an interpreted language and used extensively to build a standard website. The web pages are linked together using the features of the HTML alone where it creates hyperlinks to… View Article

Research CSS (level 1) vs. CSS3

The latest version of CSS is the CSS3 version which basically differs from CSS2 in the incorporation of Modules and other changes. Modules enable the designing to be done in a lesser time with more ease while updating individual features and specifications. The CSS3 version supports many more browsers than CSS2, but make sure it… View Article

Continuing Personal Development

For years, the only way to format HTML in a visually appealing way was to use tables. As the web evolved, designers wanted to do more than just display text, they wanted to emulate printed documents. This was done through CSS or cascading style sheets. With this, designers are able to separate content from presentation,… View Article

Library Management System

Name of the Project Vision Online Library Online Library is a system, which maintains books in the server in any format. It allows storing books, documents, audio and video files. User can Search and open documents by giving a simple query. Online Library Management System is a system, which maintains books, documents, audio/video files. To… View Article