Every person on the Earth knows that memory is one of the important cognitive processes. Our memory functions as memorization and forgetting. They are like two sides of a coin. Although whatever they are, they play an important role in human life.

Many people think that writing remembering essay is not very easy. But in fact, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Write in your essay what is really important to you. Imagine that you just record in your diary about a bright event. But creating such an essay is not always an easy task. You need to try as much as possible to influence the perception of your readers in various ways.

Follow these simple tips to help you determine what to write about in your event essay.  In order to start writing your essay you need to define the following:

Firstly, refresh one’s memory the event that impacted your life and left a really bright imprint. Remember what made you overestimate your views on values, moral principles or other people. You can tell about a person who changed your life, how he influenced you. Or remember your life experience. You should write about what is really mattered to you, only then it will be interesting and informative for your readers.

Secondly, it is necessary to recall all events and details of that accident. Remember how you acted and how you felt at this moment.

Make a comparative description of your views and values ​​before and after this event. This part will be the most significant in your essay and for your readers.

The final step will be to determine if your experience will be able to help other people in the future.

What is an Event Essay?

Let’s see what an essay event is. In this essay, you need to talk about the important events in your life or about the bright memories that have affected your life. Write an article about an event can be a challenging task for many students, because you have to write it in such a way that the reader could dive at that moment, fell all the emotions that you felt. The reader must experience that he really reads it first-hand. Probably everyone in life has such events that remain in my memory forever. Often, such events are not only remembered for life, but also presented with valuable life lessons.

Let’s Look How to Choose a Good Event Essay Topic for Students

Many students find it difficult to choose a suitable topic for their memory essays because they do not know which moments are best to choose and how to describe an event.  In order to correctly select a topic for your essay, follow our little tips.

  • Read the lists of topics and choose the one that makes you vivid memories.
  • Think about whether you can describe this event in such way to make your reader feels like he was there, too.
  • Did this situation teach you anything? Has it changed your life?

There is the fact that most readers are more inclined to specific images and specific stories than vague generalizations. That’s why it’s very important to choose a particularly important topic for you. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a really important event.

If you tell a painful or exciting topic for you, then you will only win! Now if you were a reader, what was more interesting for you to read? About a trip to the beach or the most intimate? The answers are obvious, gain courage and surprise your readers!

The Topic Ideas For Your Essay

We offer you a variety of topics for writing essays here!

  1. The first meeting with your best friend
  2. Your bravest deed
  3. What changed your life dramatically?
  4. How did you offend your friend?
  5. What is the most special place for you?
  6. Unexpected turn of events in your life
  7. Misunderstanding with your parents
  8. How did you understand that the family is above all?
  9. What moment of your life are you grieving?
  10. What book changed your worldview?
  11. Which of the relatives left the most imprint in your upbringing?
  12. What situation from the past is hard for you to remember?
  13. The moment you realized that you fell in love.
  14. When and why did you lie?
  15. What point do you want to return and why?
  16. For what act you are ashamed and why
  17. When and for what did you feel guilty?
  18. What moments of your life do you not want to remember and why?
  19. What made you who you are now?
  20. How did you behave when someone told you a secret?
  21. Your first performance before a serious audience.
  22. Your failure, when many people condemned you.
  23. Your first job experience.
  24. You achieve the goal that you set for yourself, for example, obtaining a certain scientific degree.
  25. You do something for yourself for the first time, for example, prepare food for your family or go on a trip alone.
  26. The moment of failure that makes you fight on
  27. You realize that you can do things that were impossible before
  28. You unfairly condemned another person
  29. Your first trip as a driver.
  30. The concert of your favorite band.
  31. Conflicts with classmates, peers or friends.
  32. How has the lie of your friend affected you?
  33. Your story of unrequited love.
  34. Moments in which you were very scared.
  35. Did someone betray you? Have you betrayed anyone?
  36. What is your most memorable moment of childhood?

What Are The Writing Tips for an Event Essay?

So, let’s begin our essay with the first step. You can begin your essay with the reader’s attention. Write a catchy sentence that may interest your reader. For this, you can use a quote. In the beginning, remember this event in details. You should explain in the introduction why you chose this specific event or experience. Remember that you have to describe what happened and how, but also your task is to explain the influence of this experience or event on you. In the introductory paragraph, you need to submit an event, add a description of the subject or aspect of this event. For example, if you are going to write about your speech at a scientific conference, you need to quickly dip the reader into this environment. Describe the noise of the crowd, the number of professors, describe the performances of students, tell us about your experience before the performance. Your introduction should inform the reader of the event, and thus you will show that this is your personal experience.

The second step is to determine the point of your essay. Your essay will be successful if you do not just describe the event, but also try to convince and teach your audience. For example, your goal in describing your participation in a scientific conference is to tell the readers how to correctly speak and teach them all the nuances of this process. Your essay should gradually let your readers down so that by the end of your essay they catch what you are trying to convey to them. For example, so that they clearly understand that it’s not too much to do when speaking or vice versa, what is necessary. You must convey your message to readers with your emotions and a vivid picture of that event. And do not paint instructions on what to do. Present your story in such a way that the reader himself takes the sequence of actions.

The next step is to use the first person’s point of view. But, keep in mind that this practice is often seen as unacceptable in an essay, but when it comes to describing an event, it can sometimes be a more effective tool for inviting the reader to participate. To use this tool, check with your professor if this is acceptable. If you are writing an essay for a school assignment, you should consult a professor or professor to make sure that this is acceptable.

The fourth step is the addition of an analysis of the event. To do this, use your own way of thinking, describing the events that occur around you. Tell me in detail how they affect you. Do not forget that there must be a bright moment all the time. Add sounds, smells, colors, atmosphere and so on.

When you finish your memorable events essay, you have to repeat your main point. Your essay should guide your readers step by step, just as you did through this event. In the conclusion of your work, you must explain how this experience can be generalized. Here you need to show what you learned from this event, and how the knowledge gained and how it can influence your decisions in the future. The main goal of this task is that your readers feel the same emotions and the same life lesson as you

Here You Can Find the Organizing Strategies

If you want to write about a person in your essay, you can use the following strategies:

Here you can use the revelation or describe your expectations from this person.

Start with the usual description of this person. Analyze his personality, you can also give a physical description. Add here a piece of your prehistory. Tell the readers about the specific situation when you saw this person from a different perspective.

Organization of conflicts and decisions

  • Describe in detail the history of your conflict with this person.
  • Here you can make personality Analysis, physical Description and include your background history.
  • Describe the second story of the conflict, which led you to a closer relationship.
  • In the third conflict story, it is necessary to tell how this conflict led to the extraction of the conflict.
  • The fourth story of the conflict: another conflict is described, the lesson learned should be passed on to the readers

Event Essay Examples Here!

On the Internet, you will find a huge number of examples of essays. We want to offer you an example-skeleton for your essay following the example of a speech at a scientific conference. You can use strategies for both describing a person and simply an event.

Introduction: (We describe the initial history of the moment)

The moment for which I have waited so long and which for I has been preparing for so long has come. Today I am standing out at a student scientific conference with my report.

(The first conflict and permission.) I have an internal conflict, I have been preparing for so long, but I do not feel full completely confident in myself and my knowledge.

(Second conflict and resolution.) The second conflict, I begin to get nervous and doubt because of strong competitors. Some participants look at me and grin. I am visited by the idea to leave the conference. It seems to me that everything I taught was just a dream. But most of all I wanted to believe that what is happening to me now is just a nightmare!

I really did not expect that this could happen to me and that I would be so nervous because of my speech! Then I start to think about what the professor and others will say about me if I disobey the performance.

Conclusion: Internal resistance and excitement played with me a cruel joke. Let my performance was not 100 percent sure, but I defeated myself, my experiences and spoke. Yes, I did not win the conference, but I defeated my inner fears.

In general, with the help of this crib, you can write your essay about your life experience, which actually made a difference in your life! Such type of essay allows you to demonstrate your creative abilities and skills in writing. When writing your essay, try to be as truthful and natural as it possible, then you are guaranteed success.

Examples of Event Essay on StudyMoose

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  3. High School Graduation Day
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