Perfecting your writing skills requires time, practice, and a bit of effort. It is also crucial to be attentive to all of the components of your written work.

Being a small part of the general volume of your paper, a topic sentence serves a couple of purposes. Therefore, despite its size, try not to underestimate this section of your work. It is the main focus of the paragraph, which allows you to introduce the main idea of the next text segment to the reader. A topic sentence serves to highlight the major point of the section that it precedes. It also may help you keep the text structure organized and compose the paper in a consistent way.

In the formal writing, a topic sentence is usually placed at the beginning of the paragraph. Not every essay requires explicit and obviously outlined topic sentences, but you still should learn how to write and style this element of a written work in order to keep your paragraphs organized and united.

Topic Sentence Structure

Serving as some sort of a preview for the paragraph, a topic sentence requires you to follow some guidelines and to stay within certain limits in order to make it look and sound both interesting and informative.

The first point you may want to keep in mind is the fact that a topic sentence should fall under a certain structure. However, the limitations are not that strict. Just remember that it has to be laconic, not too narrow, and it needs to plainly assert what the next section of the text is going to be about. Avoid stretching the sentence out to the half of the paragraph. It is the highlight of the segment, not the base of the paragraph.

Now, another point to keep in mind is the content of your topic sentence. Merely announcing the topic is not enough. Avoid using phrases like “Today, I am going to discuss….” or “In this paper, I want to concentrate on…”  Such a sentence will sound too plain and somewhat out of the proper writing style. What you may want to do is include your personal opinion into this small section, alongside with the general direction of the paragraph.

Always think about the balance of the sentence contents. Stating the idea too vaguely won’t allow you to fit everything you want to discuss in one paragraph. For instance, if you compose your topic sentence like this “The US experienced numerous losses during the times of the Civil War,” there’s no way you will be able to present this topic in one little segment of the text.

Another tip that might come in handy is linked to your readers. When creating a topic sentence, try to add something that would hook your reader’s mind and make them dive into your work. For instance, trying to raise some questions in your reader’s mind is always an effective tool. You can even present your topic sentence in a form of a question, but make sure you provide a proper answer to it when continuing composing the paragraph.

Students oftentimes prefer to present their topic sentences in a form of a mere fact. While looking laconic and organized, such a sentence lacks some personal input from the paper’s author. Therefore, it is a sound idea to supplement the topic sentence with your own reasonable opinion on the matter. This is a very effective method, yet it also requires you to be careful. Remember that when asserting an opinion, you also need to support that idea in your paragraph. If you have reasonable evidence and plan to actually explain your point of view, go ahead and include it in the head sentence.

Another component you may want to include in your sentence’s structure is the transition element. In this case, you can implement the topic sentence in a form of a link between the previous segment and the contents of the next section. This will assist you in guiding the readers through the text. It might also help you keep your thoughts and ideas straight and express them in a very balanced and organized way.

What you should not include in your topic sentence’s structure is someone else’s quote. Even if it sounds great and suits the idea of your essay, it’s not the wisest choice to start the segment with the words that don’t belong to your authorship. You see, the quote might be based either on someone else’s opinion or facts. We have already established that starting the paragraph with mere facts isn’t the best idea. You might want to use the fact-based quote later in the paragraph. And if the quote is opinion-based, you should substitute it with a sentence that reflects your personal view on the matter, not someone else’s.

Topic Sentence Examples

A topic sentence, being just a small part of the text, might involve endless topics and ideas. While you already know what to include and what to avoid in the structure of your focus sentence, you might want to check some samples out. This will help you get a general idea of what your sentence should look and sound like.

  • The most lasting consequences of the Civil War were caused on the American South since this was the region where it was fought the most.
  • To lower the crime rates, our community needs to take specific steps, one of which is providing equal educational possibilities for all.
  • I was no older than 5 when my parents bought me my first skates (in a personal essay).
  • Numerous people are against local businesses hiring the immigrants, however, you might be surprised to learn what a small number of American businesses actually practice hiring the non-American citizens.
  • I think I will not be able to forget the first time I read “Pride and Prejudice.”
  • There are numerous reasons behind China being one of the most polluted countries in the world.
  • Having a child is stressful because of the significant adjustments you have to make in your life.
  • In order to improve their academic performance, students should utilize such an important educational resource as the tutorial services.
  • The dissimilarity between the wealthy side of LA and the poor regions of the city is so considerable that one might feel like these areas belong to two different countries.
  • While we oftentimes enjoy and admire the leaves changing their color during autumn, only a few of us actually think about how those shades are achieved and what processes are involved.
  • A language is a crucial component of any culture’s heritage, thus it has to be respected.
  • In the age of the non-stop digital evolution, students might be concentrating more during classes and perform more successfully if they are allowed to use the tools that are more familiar to them, like smartphones.
  • By selling fresh organic snacks on school grounds, we may improve the students’ overall health and well-being and prevent them from constantly consuming junk food.
  • My first day of college turned into a challenge and ended up being a disaster (another personal topic).
  • Golden Retrievers make excellent pets for a number of
  • There are three major advantages associated with engraining school uniform in educational institutions.