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How to Write a Great Statement of Purpose Essay

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How to Write a Great Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Growing up in an educated family was a great motivation to find my position in life and establish my own dreams. During my high school education, I started searching for undergraduate programs that matched my personality and interests. After a long journey of searching, I decided to study a major that focuses mainly on health science in order to help people to stay safe and healthy. When I imaged how a small pill can switch people’s lives from hell to heaven, it motivated me to learn more about scientific processes to facilitate these transformations. Once I received my Pharm-D degree from Taif University, I determined to obtain a Master’s degree in the U.S in Pharmacoeconomics, Health Care Outcomes and Clinical Services.

I discovered my specific academic passion when I was a senior pharmacy student, during my hospital rotations besides my graduation project. I worked with Professor Abubaker, who is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice division at Taif University, on a project titled “Self-Medication with Antibiotics: A population-based survey in Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” This project had a great effect on my desire to continue studying pharmacy in graduate school because it showed me that many patients have low awareness of the effects of using wrong or unspecified dose of medication, especially in antibiotics due to either low awareness or social impacts. This matched my experience in five rotations of hospitals and college training as a senior pharmacy student. One of the important rotations to me was when I worked with physicians in a walk-in Ambulatory clinic. I interacted face to face with the patients and observed their treatment plans to raise awareness or make changes.

In addition to my internship, I participated in many events during my college years. One of the important participation to me was when I participated in DUPHAT Conference 2015 in Dubai as a conference delegate and student poster presenter of a group graduation project. The concepts of hard work and the commitment to what I am doing and aiming for were reinforced in me by these extracurricular activities.

I chose to apply to your program because it offers a highly unique Health Outcomes and Pharmacy Practice program. This program hits two birds with one stone for me. It focuses academically on providing the knowledge and analytical skills, which are necessary to demonstrate the pharmaceutical and healthcare products, to help to improve the health system in order to provide more accurate treatments for patients as well as to reduce health care cost and use budgets appropriately. The other interest of this program is providing six fellowship experiences in areas of specialization. My passion for studying this subject has grown due to the scarcity of specialists and experts in my country.

I have researched the faculty of your program to find matches with my interests. I am interested in working with Dr. Linda L. Norton, or with Dr. Veronica T. Bandy, because of their research interests and both of them have experience in teaching Nonprescription therapy and self-care courses, which is the same topic of my graduation project. Also, I am interested in working with Dr. Yvonne Mai, because she has a degree in Pharmacoeconomics, Health Care Outcomes and Clinical Services Fellowship, which is the same as my specialized program. I have looked at all the faculty backgrounds and interests, and Dr. Mai is the only one who has this degree. I believe we can collaborate to take health care and clinical services to a new level in my country due to our same interest field and passions.
After I obtain a master’s degree, I will return home to work in one of Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry Hospitals as a part of my full scholarship agreement. After that, I plan to continue my journey in higher education to transfer my passion to young pharmacy students to improve the health outcomes and pharmacy practice in Saudi Arabia.

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