How Students and Teachers Can Avoid and Prevent Plagiarism Essay

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How Students and Teachers Can Avoid and Prevent Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been any and every writer’s concern, both in the scholarly and non scholarly sense. It is the dreaded term which implies various complications from those who choose to plagiarize, those plagiarized by accident, and those authors who are mere victims of such unfair treatment. From the students’ standpoint, great and keen consideration must be done in the process of how they choose to construct their ideas and write about a required topic.

With the lenient accessibility of information within a click’s reach, plagiarism even gets more tempting. The Michigan Library Association (MLA) Forum (2008) adds “With the Internet offering students such a wealth of information at their fingertips, it is no surprise that one of the main reasons that they commit acts of plagiarism is simply due to how easy and convenient it has become” (n. p. ). Hence, students must understand the definitions and details of what plagiarism is and what to do and what not to do as a plagiaristic situation arises. Students always use plagiarism checker free.

Students must maintain their academic responsibility as they fulfill the scholastic obligations. Students should be responsible in understanding and realizing other tools available to them as they fulfill certain literary requirements. The use of methods like proper paraphrasing, formal, and correct citing of references, being consistent to the requirements of a specific referencing style— plagiarism may be avoided given that all must be understood and well executed by the student.

From the teachers’ standpoint, there are a series of issues which must be explained to the student. The clear discussion of what plagiarism is and the consequences it brings must be well and thoroughly comprehended by the students. Teachers should emphasis the valuable use and importance of the use of bibliography. As the Plagiarism. org (2008) writes: “Emphasize that the annotation has to be in their own voice and words, and should specifically discuss the relevance of the source to their research” (n. . ).

Teachers should make themselves clear and specific in what they demand of their students. They should help exercise further the skills of their students such as by assigning the students to make a presentation which would enhance their research and idea conceptualization. It is also of beneficial importance for teachers to be creative in building their students’ skills in writing formal academic works.

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