Hotel Essay Examples

Kindred Spirits Hotel – Case study

Identify and Define the Problem: Before Greta became the owner of the Kindred Spirits Hotel, there had always been a comfortable, family atmosphere, but this was turned upside down by her presence. She was cold and uncommunicative. She would yell at the employees and reprimand them in front of employees and guests. She also insisted… View Article

Echo Courts Hotel

Towards the end of the novel, Humbert’s obsession with Lolita drives him to paranoia, a delusional state of reality. While he and Lolita are on a road-trip he is overcome with fear and suspicion that someone is following them in order to steal her away from him. He notices that a convertible has been following… View Article

Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone diagram allows Hotel Escargo to turn the problem upside down working through the roots so that the issue is fixed. It is also easier to fix the smaller problems that lead to the main problem. Looking at the check-in delays, there are a lot of small issues that have led to this occurrence. The… View Article

Gambling in guyana is a benefit to the society

I support the argument that gambling in Guyana is a benefit to the society. When I say gambling, I refer to legal gambling. I acknowledge that gambling can become an addictive activity on a personal basis and can lead one to bankruptcy. At the same time I believe that Guyanese should be given the freedom… View Article

Regression Analysis

Econometric problem: Price of a hotel room can be based on the type of room and the added services and amenities of the establishment. All these parameters can be reduced to one indicator called star rating. Star rating is just like the countries growth rate, one figure that states the health of the country’s economy…. View Article

Hotel and Lodging Career Research

Executive Summary With high curiosity and interest in many fields, I have changed my career goal from archaeology to science then to architecture and finally to entrepreneurship in hospitality and traveling. In preparation for launching my own business, I determined to learn more about the hotel and lodging industry through a financial and accounting position…. View Article

Hotel Tour – the Evaluation

Remington Hotel is located near NAIA 3, beside the Resorts World Manila. The hotel is good but has some flaws that has a need to work on knowing the hotel is rated as 4-star. As a hotel, they must repair and maintain facilities as it is needed. But when we arrived to the hotel, one… View Article

Imaginative Experience in a Music Concert

I believe everyone’s been through a stage of life where you eat, sleep, dream, walk, talk, breath and hear your favorite artist or the band you love [well, would be an understatement] play their number in front of millions of people, amides which you stand singing the lyrics sung on stage without a thought of… View Article

The Ritz-Carlton: Behind the Scene of a Successful Hotelier

The Ritz-Carlton revolutionized how luxury hotels are operated across the board. Today, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is 99% owned by Marriot International, a leader in the hospitality industry (Ritz, 2007). Its success can be traced to unmatched customer service and attention to small details. The company prides itself in maintaining its most important resource: the… View Article

The Ritz Hotel

Despite the fact that rooms at the Ritz Hotel do not cost 2,000 Euros, employees of the Ritz are authorized to compensate guests up to 2,000 Euros for any problems they may have experienced.  Why does the Ritz have this policy?  There are primarily three factors that should be explored: one, the reputation of the… View Article

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel (RCH) faces a dilemma, change its seven-day countdown process and succumb to the pressures of Millennium Partners (MP) or maintain the company’s proven strategy and open at a manageable occupancy level. By examining how RCH’s culture, leadership, and service contribute to the essence of the Ritz-Carlton we will show how RCH effectively… View Article

Inter Continental, Starwood and Accor: AComparative Analysis

Introduction: The current trend in globalization has encouraged and challenged the Hotel Industry, to take steps towards more internationalization, to meet the needs of the changing demographics, increased traveling and synthesizing of geographical boundaries and cultures. The expansion of boundaries has forced the company to change the strategic vision so that they come up with… View Article

Phuket Beach Hotel

Located at Patong beach, Phuket Beach hotel has some underutilized space. The hotel has an option of outsourcing this space to Planet Karaoke Pub for a monthly rental income. Alternatively, the hotel can build a pub itself as such pubs are fast spreading in Thailand and attract many new customers and growing income for itself…. View Article

Penn State University Application

Ever since middle school, I was already interested in hotel management. I am always fascinated with the way things were done so arduously by the hotel officers and staff, yet they still managed to look so amazingly fresh and attractive for the guests. I have had a very good grade in my hotel management subject… View Article

My Industrial Training

I started my training on 7th July 2008 at JW Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, where I was first assigned to start as a CRO (customer recognition) in Front Office. I got to learn about the procedures of welcoming certain guests, such as VIP’s, by preparing welcome letters, flowers, chocolate and fruit baskets. I was… View Article