Hong Kong Essay Examples

School Driver

My aunt, a school driver, she has a problem of picking the student up to school. She lives in Belvedere Garden, and picks student to the school in Shek Lei Estate (the map is on the last page). In order to save the cost by shorten the distance to the school, she asked me to… View Article

Hong Kong Wealth Gap

According to the “Development of the Human Race Report”, which published in 2005, the wealth gap of Hong Kong is the widest within the thirty high living standard countries/regions. Local View The rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer. For instance, in 2001, 10% of the highest income family in Hong Kong,… View Article

The Progress of Hong Kong After the Handover

Hong Kong’s reversion to the People’s Republic of China by the British was overwhelming for any Hong Kong local such as me.  After all, I was born to a culture that was greatly influenced by foreigners, whose traditions were welcomed with much familiarity by the citizens of Hong Kong for more than one hundred years. … View Article

Hong Kong Proposal

INTRODUCTION and BRIEF BACKGROUND Hong Kong was a Crown Colony of the United Kingdom from 1842 to 1997, when it was returned to the People’s Republic of China.   This handover of Hong Kong back to China is supported by two governing laws: the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law of Hong Kong. Both laws… View Article

A Retrospect of the Hong Kong Handover

Slide 2 Hong Kong’s handover to the Chinese government after 150 years of British colonial rule is a major historical event My paper analyzes whether or not China handled Hong Kong well 10 years after the Handover occurred. It also aims to look at the changes that have taken place since the Handover, and how… View Article

Trading in Hong Kong

Great business dealings take into consideration the intricacies of the culture into which the business is to be established. Customers need to be studied – their needs, their wants and other demands. Studying the local culture would also help in dealing with local business people. What a business person must first note in studying Hong… View Article

Urban Economic In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a developing country that has provided undergone the urbanization and it is said that the process cannot be reversed. The government of Hong Kong has participated in settling people and solving issues such as land ownership and the colonial ruling that took place during the colonial period. Despite their efforts the market… View Article

Encouraging Growth: Hong Kong and Singapore

Hong Kong and Singapore are similar in many aspects. They are both city-states that are densely populated with predominantly Chinese population of immigrant stock. Although they have no natural resources, the British colonized them in the 19th century solely for trading purposes. Hong Kong became to be China’s center of trade while Singapore was established… View Article

Ocean Park Case Study

Introduction Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s only homegrown theme park, was opened in 1977. It is the largest marine-based theme park in Asia, focusing on providing facilities for educational, recreational and conservation activities to the public. The park houses fourteen rides, an assortment of aquariums, a giant panda exhibit, observatories and educational laboratories. It is also… View Article

Hong Kong vs Uk Business Norms

This paper will introduce the audience to the historical background of Hong Kong; business dos and don’ts comparing Hong Kong to the UK; financial, economic, political and social climate of Hong Kong. The aim is to provide fundamental data to assist a professional when conducting business in Hong Kong effectively but also respectfully. Hong Kong… View Article

Unemployment in Hong Kong

Unemployment is one of the key economic concepts which characterize the impact of economy on people and their welfare. Unemployment can be described as economic condition when an individual (over 16 and economically active) wants and is able to work, but can not find a workplace for himself/herself. Therefore, people who are available for work… View Article

Hk Third Runway Expansion- in the Economist’s Point of View

As supporters of the environment, we strongly believe that a third runway expansion in the Hong Kong International Airport will cause a significant amount of damage to the environment in many ways. The building process of the third runway extension will involve a lot of land reclamation that causes a lot of noise and water… View Article

CPM in Hong Kong

1. What do you consider to be your most important accomplishments? Please describe one personal accomplishment. The most important personal accomplishment so far is my significantly improved interpersonal skills. The accomplishment can be effectively described through a specific incident that occurred when I was working in the CA department of ABN AMRO. Volkswagen which was… View Article

Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong

Everyone in Hong Kong should have heard of the mainland parallel-goods traders who discriminated by the local citizens. The MTR Corporation’s new policy setting limit to the weight of the luggage and the demonstration against the traders held by the local citizens are some of the evidences showing the discrimination against the mainland Chinese in… View Article

Separate Vote Count Mechanism

In Hong Kong Legislative Council (Legco), the decision rule is difference for the bills by government and the bills by the legislative council members. There are different views about the Separate Vote Count Mechanism in the decision rule of Legco. Some people think that it cannot reveal public interest and some people think it has… View Article