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Holocaust Essay Examples

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Proof of Man’s Inhumanity

Past studies about the Holocaust reveal the motivation behind Adolf Hitler’s annihilation of the Jews and other races. He believed that “they were responsible for Marxism, democracy, the outbreak of World War I, and Germany’s collapse in 1918, as well as being the invisible hand behind the Weimar republic” (Fischel 4). He was fed up…

The hardships the Jews faced during the Holocaust

The lives of the Jews in Germany were punctuated by long periods of suffering and many problems. The Jews went through a lot of hardships such as; going through hard labor, loss of family union due to separation, torture and their freedom was also suppressed. Introduction Holocaust was a serious happening ever witnessed and it…

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was one of the biggest historical events that took place in the 20th century. It was the time when innocent civilians were no longer in control of their own lives but by the hands of one man, Adolf Hitler. His “supremacist and racially motivated policies” were responsible for taking the lives of around…



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What Was a Day in the Life of a Prisoner Like

The Holocaust, the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, depicts a series of tragic events. One may ask how was each prisoner treated upon arrival? The horrors that come to mind are endless, and the pain each prisoner must have gone through is…

United States Holocaust Museum Activity 2: Mortiz Schoenberger

Born in Sarver Hungary in 1887, the trail of Moritz Schoenberger’s flight picks up when he arrives in France via Belgium as a refugee. Imprisoned at the camp de Gurs camp in 1939, Mr. Schoenberger applied for a visa from the American consulate. After 2 years of waiting, a conditional visa was approved by the…

Holocaust Analysis

Holocaust is a name that makes history followers to shiver, with a cold sensation running through their spiral cords. It is a nine-lettered world, yes, but with a lot of weight to generations of mid-1930s and also it is a name that will not soon escape the memories of many people. It is a name…


What took place in Germany more than 50 years ago that made Holocaust perpetually imprinted in the history of man? What made an entire country support and commit planned, strategic, and state-sponsored acts of genocide during this time? The extermination of approximately six million Jews during the time of Hitler happened more than half a…

Holocaust Post to World War II

Let us begin by quoting the superb words of Elie Wiesel (1995), the Nobel laureate for peace in 1986 and Holocaust survivor: “For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witness for the dead and the living. He has no right to deprive future generations of a past…

Holocaust Remembrance

“Never again” was the cry after the world fully learned of the Holocaust that claimed six million Jews during Hitler’s systematic campaign of their annihilation to give way to the Aryan race. This was even the essence of the 1948 Convention Against Genocide, the international law that “obliges contracting parties to prevent and punish the…

What is Holocaust Revisionism

The term “holocaust denier” is applied to those who prefer the terms “revisionism” or “revisionist. ” Holocaust historians avoid using it to describe themselves and revise the aspects of the Holocaust. Holocaust historians in the revisionism belief that in Germany there was a breakout of typhus carried by lice and other diseases that spread throughout…

The Holocaust Targeted the Jewish Community

The history of the Second World War offers no small share of tragic stories, but perhaps no event, or more accurately: series of events, during the course of the war, provokes such continued outrage and bewilderment as the Holocaust: the systemic murder of millions of Jews which was undertaken by the beureuacratic civilian and military…


Holocaust refers to the genocide of approximately 6million Jews during the World War II (www. erchufschmid. net/Holocausts. html-holocausts). This program was executed by the National Socialist regime in Germany, which was led by Adolf Hitler . It was deliberate extermination of the Jews. There were also, other groups of people who were persecuted together with…

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was the single most tragic event to have ever occurred in world history. My visit to the Holocaust Museum was both educational and heart wrenching. Books and movies depicting the atrocities of the Holocaust have always moved me, but my visit to the Museum was the first time I had ever felt completely…

Experience of the holocaust?

Of all the debates concerning the holocaust, the most inflammatory question is whether gender mattered. Some writers like Roth have argued that the history of the holocaust is not complete without the inclusion of women as victims, perpetrators, bystanders and resisters. The holocaust was an intended total destruction of the Jewish people and the actual…


Art: a true Holocaust survivor. Though he was born in Sweden after the war and did not experience the Holocaust personally, his life is deeply affected by the event, both directly and indirectly. To begin with, Art is troubled by nightmares and fears of the Holocaust, as he fantasizes when he was a child about…

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