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History of Science (Challenge B)

Hippocrates lifetime
460-370 B.C.

Hippocrates’ ethnicity

Hippocrates’ occupation

Hippocrates’ was known for…
“Father of Modern Medicine”, Hippocratic Oath

Archimedes’ lifetime
287-212 B.C.

Archimedes’ ethnicity

Archimedes’ occupation
Inventor, mathematician

Archimedes was known for…
Pi, exponents

Nicolaus Copernicus’s lifetime
1473-1543 A.D.

Nicolaus Copernicus’s ethnicity

Nicolaus Copernicus’s occupation

Nicolaus Copernicus was known for…
Heliocentric views

Johannes Kepler’s lifetime
1571-1630 A.D.

Johannes Kepler’s ethnicity

Johannes Kepler’s occupation
Astronomer, mathematician

Johannes Kepler was known for…
Laws of planetary motion

Isaac Newton’s lifetime
1643-1727 A.D.

Isaac Newton’s ethnicity

Isaac Newton’s occupation
Physicist, mathematician

Isaac Newton was known for…
Calculus, laws of motion

Carl Linnaeus’s lifetime
1707-1778 A.D.

Carl Linnaeus’s ethnicity

Carl Linnaeus’s occupation
Zoologist, research scientist

Carl Linnaeus was known for…
Classifications of living things

Michael Faraday’s lifetime
1791-1867 A.D.

Michael Faraday’s ethnicity

Michael Faraday’s occupation
Physicist, chemist

Michael Faraday was known for…

Samuel Morse’s lifetime
1791-1872 A.D.

Samuel Morse’s ethnicity

Samuel Morse’s occupation
Painter, inventor

Samuel Morse was known for…
Telegraph machine

Marie Curie’s lifetime
1867-1934 A.D.

Marie Curie’s ethnicity

Marie Curie’s occupation

Marie Curie was known for…
Polonium, radium

Albert Einstein’s lifetime
1879-1955 A.D.

Albert Einstein’s ethnicity

Albert Einstein’s occupation

Albert Einstein was known for…
Theory of Relativity

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