Historical Essay Examples

The Handmaid’s tale

The Historical Notes section is Atwood’s epilogue to The Handmaid’s Tale. Although confusing at first, one quickly notices that this section illuminates many issues in the text. The reader is told that, for the purposes of Atwood’s novel, the era of Gilead, and therefore Offred’s story, is historical fact. This makes the protagonist’s story, in… View Article

Identify the historical and cultural factors

Identify the historical and cultural factors that contribute to the development of the learning perspective. To what extent is the learning perspective relevant today? The study of how humans learn is a dominant component of the learning perspective. The study of behaviour in this perspective and is also commonly known as the Behaviouristic Approach, as they… View Article

Social, Cultural & Historical

Steven Berkoff is one of the most influential figures of the turn of the century in British Theatre. As an actor, director and playwright and general nonconformist Berkoff tried to change theatre and encourage us to think in terms of ‘Total Theatre’, where the actor-audience relationship is immediate and where the actors, through expressive physicality… View Article

The Case of Six American Historical Events

During the span of American history, at least six events influenced contemporary America and the rest of the world. The Reconstruction of the Post-Civil War American South allowed African-Americans to participate in the elections and occupy government positions. The eras of “populism” and “expansionism” gave rise to modern immigration. World War I gave new communication… View Article

Historical perspective

The purpose of this report is to explore the issue of distance learning from various points of view. To start with, the report seeks to provide the definition of the term ‘distance learning’, along with its implication to the various participants. Further, the report also attempts to trace the historical background of distance learning, and… View Article

Historical accounts

Historical accounts that support the role of globalization in poverty reduction are observed especially during peace time and pro-globalization among countries. There is at least eighty percent of the world population that lived at an inflation-adjusted $1 per day at the onset of wartime in the early nineteenth century (Srinivasan and Wallack 2003). Half century… View Article

Historical Awareness and the Interpretation of the Bible

Christianity holds the largest followers worldwide and holds its authority through what they claim as actual events in history. However, the study of the historicity of the Bible has made liberal critics question the authenticity and the validity of the events and teachings that are found in the Scriptures. Liberal critics claim that the Scripture… View Article

Critical analysis of Historical Websites

There are many historical databases provided by Universities today. So much so, it is often more likely to find the exact replica of a particular historical document on the web than to physically go to a library expecting to find a book pertaining the same topic. In fact, it has become common practice for many… View Article

A Historical Recording of a Fictitious Story

One powerful factor in effective storytelling lies in the strong characterization of the figures in the story, and the novel, “Don Quixote” sustains this factor. In the beginning of the novel, Miguel de Cervantes warns his “idle readers” (Cervantes, page __) that he simply wants to relate the story of a stepson who lived a… View Article

A Historical Exploration

In spite of the long existing disagreement regarding the very term, nature, and scope of modernism, it is still considered as one of the most significant artistic-cultural events of the twentieth century (Poplawski, 2003). This paper will provide a historical overview of early modernism focusing on the ideologies, influences, and a glimpse on works of… View Article

Bias in Historical Description

The article reviewed was Behan McCullagh’s Bias in Historical Description, Interpretation, and Explanation in which he gave a brief but thorough outlook on the manner to which historical accounts are peppered with biased analysis and his opinion on how historians would be able to diminish, if not fully obliterate, from the nature of recounting past… View Article