Hiking Essay Examples

Backpacking Case

Backpacking is one of my interests. It is a form of recreation which aims to explore and experience adventure in remote areas like mountains and other pat of the backcountry. It involves camping and hiking at the same time at one given trip. In doing so it needs certain careful preparations to enable one to… View Article

User Behavior at Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak Hiking Area is a multipurpose, exercise trail used for both hiking and equestrians. It is a 1. 75 mile one-way trail in Rio Verde, Arizona with breathtaking views of the Sonoran Desert from every direction. Because the trail is not a loop, there is a lot of traffic on the trail, especially during… View Article

An interesting weekend

I spend most of my weekends either with my family members watching television the entire day and play football in the evening or go for a sleepover at my friend, Karim’s, house. In fact, as long as my memory stretches, I have been spending my weekend in this rather unexciting manner until last weekend. That… View Article

A Mile In My Shoes

1Someone once said, you don’t really know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes. Whoever said this must have met many a person like me. Where one’s shoes have been and what they have done can give you a great deal of insight into a person. I think my shoes reveal a… View Article

My First Day Essay

My First Day… As of today, August 30th, I, Blah blah blah, took the initiative to explore the entire campus. Today, the temperature could have possibly been right at about 93 degrees, and I decided to walk around this gigantic campus to waste time before my next class. During orientation week, I missed the campus… View Article