High School Life and College Life Essay

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High School Life and College Life

The change from high school to college can be a difficult one. Both your social and academic life will be remarkably different from high school. Although you might think that college is simply a level above high school, there are several differences between the two, and you need to be prepared for what’s ahead. My college experience so far has been really stressful but am trying my best to excel. Unlike high school where things tend to move smoothly, college has been the total opposite. No time to play, more assignments and project which tends to consume my time. For instance, in high school, my classes were assigned to me and i was supplied with many of my classroom materials and books. I had a guidance counselor telling me which courses to take and when. In college, it is my responsibility to sign up for the classes i need to take to graduate and during my first enrollment, I ended up picking irrelevant classes because I had no idea about the whole thing.

Although, we have an academic advising center were you can go and meet an advisor who can help out with picking classes suitable for you and is located at room 113 north shepler of Cameron university. Also, in college, I am responsible for buying all class materials and trust me, the cost of these materials are very high whereas in high school, our textbooks and class materials were given to me for free. A textbook with access code can go for a minimum of $100 which is way expensive and I do not get to spend so much during high school days Class materials are really expensive. Moreover, we have a library where you can get all this books and check them out if you need them urgently without buying. I use the library everyday and check out books all the time.

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Finally, the style of teaching tends to be more advanced in college than high school. Am finding it difficult coping with the assignments(which are very voluminous),unlike high school where I was given just little assignments. Tutors explaining things fast and am just confused and lost in class and I just take a break from classes like that. Although, the school came up with tutor.com, a free online website where students can visit to get help and l also visit the academic tutoring facilities like that for center for academic success which is located at nance boyer room 1008, center for writers at nance boyer room 2060, math lab at burch hall 104 and academic commons tutoring center at academic commons 138. Am trying really hard to overcome these difficulties before next semester. Putting in every single effort and aiming for a perfect grade point. I know I can do it by being determined and being serious.

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