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Sherlock Holmes Essay

This creates mystery and encourages the reader even more to solve the mystery. The writer uses descriptive writing to create tension. As shown before the writer describes Dr. Roylott as a horrible and uncontrollable man. He uses descriptions to draw an image of the character which makes the reader feel scared of him. Also, he… View Article

Sherlock Holmes Coursework

  ” The story also used gothic language quite frequently “it’s the vilest murder-trap on the whole of riverside. ” ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’ also uses formal language a few like “my dear fellow” or “I am all attention. ” It also uses old fashioned language like “farintosh” and “alas”. It uses more… View Article

Sherlock Holmes

The description of the building creates an atmosphere and mood; which builds high suspense and makes the reader think whatever inside this building must be bloodcurdling. In “the speckled band”, the villan who is Dr Grimsby Roylott has an exotic interest having spent time in India “A passion of Indian animals” in other gothic melodramas… View Article

Greek Mythology

Odysseus was considered to be the epitome of what a Greek man should strive to be. He was a courageous and clever warrior who earned arete through his feats during the Trojan War. The ancient Achaean male modeled themselves after great men like Odysseus, but the real question is who do Greek woman model themselves… View Article