Hedonism Essay Examples

Hedonism vs Eudemonism

The hedonic activity that I engaged in was researching and purchasing a new laptop. I didn’t “need” one because I already had an older netbook (slow) and another laptop (big and heavy). I spent many hours online happily seeking the perfect combination of speed, battery life, graphics, size and price, and finally ended up with… View Article

Outline the important concepts of utilitarianism

The theory of utilitarianism determines the rightness or wrongness of an action by its consequences. This is determined by measuring the amount of pleasure or pain brought to someone caused by an action. Utilitarianism is a teleological theory of ethics, this means that it is concerned with the outcome and the consequences, meaning that an… View Article

Engineering Ethics of Titanic Sinking

Utilitarianism Look at the Titanic When engineers design a product many things go in to the decision making process when it comes to selecting materials, design, and the manufacturing processes. One concern that has always been in the decision making process is trying to make sure the outcome will always be ethically good, although this… View Article

The Ethical Treatment of Animals

Utilitarianism values equality of all interest parties. It is on the principle that when making a decision, thorough consideration on the consequent cost and benefit must be made, and it is on the basis of impartial consideration of all related interest parties that the final decision should be made. Rights-based ethics, however, value the right… View Article


This theory advocates that the actions worth is determined by maximizing utility (pleasure or happiness).it looks at the consequence of an action as to whether the outcome is good to the majority of people affected by it. According to Bentham, utilitarianism is the greatest happiness or greatest felicity principle. There are many types of this… View Article