Hearing Essay Examples

Tinnitus And The Psychology Of Hearing

“Tinnitus is the subjective sensation of noise—usually described as ringing, hissing, buzzing, roaring, chirping, or clicking sounds—in the ears that cannot be attributed to any external sound” (Hannan, Sami, & Wareing, 2005; Lalwani, & Snow, 2005). The American Tinnitus Association (2007) estimates that about 50 million Americans experience tinnitus, with men affected more than women… View Article

Listening Skills

Listening effectively is not as simple as keeping quiet while another person talks. Listening requires a conscious effort from the listener. Moreover, it a skill that needs to be developed and honed by making sure certain actions are taken and some, avoided. In order to become an effective listener, an individual must listen carefully. This… View Article

The Poorly Informed Walrus

* Answer the review questions on page W-119 for Case Study 11, The Poorly Informed Walrus. * Additionally discuss the communication barriers, active listening challenges, and cross-cultural challenges in your organization. * What action has your boss taken to minimize these communication challenges? * Are the actions effective? What barriers to communication are evident in… View Article

Heather Whitestone

Introduction: Heather Whitestone is one of the most inspiring female figures of our time. She posses an excessive amount of dedication and devotion. She went deaf around 18 months and from then on was faced with a series of difficulties socially and educationally. She pummeled through all the angst and frustration and became very successful… View Article

Safety Advice : Earphone

As you all know, several weeks ago, there was a frightful accident which happened to a young man, who was hit by a pole. He had earphones in both of his ears. In order to prevent accidents, the school is advising us not to put earphones in both ears, whether we are inside or outside… View Article

Deaf Articles

3. “Why Can’t Deaf Experts Hear Us?” a. What are the present Deaf issues? Some of the Deaf issues mentioned in the article are that that “Deaf experts” don’t like the thought of Deaf children learning to sign without voicing. They think that each Deaf child should be learning Total Communication, but there is no… View Article

My Favorite Memory

It all began in the summer of 1988 when my parents packed up our car. We began our countless hour journeys from Youngstown, Ohio to FaHoLo Deaf Family Camp in Grass Lake, Michigan. The excitement and thrill that would rush through my veins when going to FAHOLO sent visions to my head about who I… View Article

Headphones vs Speakers

A man was shot and killed for having his music too loud. This would not have been a problem had the teenager been listening to his audio with headphones rather than some ill-fated speakers. Speakers and headphones’ main use is to transmit sound produced by a certain source. They both have the same fundamental purpose… View Article

Message Cautious Listening

Listening can occur in: 1. One-on-one communication or face-to-face conversations 2. a small group 3. large group Levels of attentiveness 1. Nonlistener. This individual is preoccupied with personal thoughts unrelated to the speaker’s message. 2. Passive listener. This person hears the speaker’s words without really understanding them. This incomplete absorption means the listener lacks a… View Article

The Factors That Affect Listening

When you think of what is involved in the process of listening most people think that it involves just spoken words and how those words are interpreted. But actually listening is more than just merely hearing words; the actual process of listening has many different factors that are involved. I’m going to summarize the ten… View Article

Why Do Humans Can’t Hear Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a cyclic sound pressure wave with a frequency greater than the upper limit of the human hearing range. Ultrasound is thus not separated from “normal” (audible) sound based on differences in physical properties, only the fact that humans cannot hear it. Although this limit varies from person to person, it is approximately 20… View Article

Marlee Matlin Biography for Asl

Marlee Matlin is an Academy Award winning American Actress and author. She has been deaf since she was 18 months old, she is also a prominent member of the Deaf community and supports the use of sign language, closed captioning, and is an active member of the National Association of the Deaf. Marlee Beth Matlin… View Article

Body Language Communication In Nursing

You are approached by a Grandparent who is hearing impaired how do you facilitate the best environment and through your body language and how you speak with him to ensure you communicate with him in a way which meets his needs and is respectful of his impairment I was approached by a child’s Grandparent with… View Article

Awareness Of Sensory Loss

In sensory loss (touch, mobility, vision, hearing) this can have a negative impact to an individual like for example in mobility an individual can experience poor mobility, leaning to one side or difficulty with their coordination, the individual may have difficulty to feed or dress themselves, or may not be able to participate in an… View Article

Who Wasted B.I.G.

Biggie Smalls was an influential rapper until the day of March 9, 1997 when he was killed by a drive by shooting. They have many suspects and theories of why he was wasted that day, however; they are not completely sure who did this and why. He was being driven back to his hotel from… View Article