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Health Essay Examples

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Health Information Management System Proposal

Health information technology can be best described as the point where information science, medicine, and healthcare all meet. The foundation of healthcare delivery consists of three major elements: cost, access, and quality. The U.S. government reportedly “hopes most Americans have electronic health records by 2014” (Ramachandran, 2013) .It is my proposal to upgrade to a…

Widow, is no longer able to live independently

Mrs. Jones, a widow, is no longer able to live independently and is requiring more and more help with her self-care. Her daughter, Susie, who is married with three school-aged children, agrees to let her mother move in with her. Susie is concerned with balancing the demands of her career and the needs of her…

Health Paper-Hypertension

Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is a common condition in which the force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease. Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood…



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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

Abstract Health care providers encounter and care for a diverse population of patients. When caring for these patients, providers must be properly prepared to care for not only for their cultural needs but also for their spiritual/faith needs. Nurses must have a basic yet broad knowledge of cultural and spiritual needs of patients whether in…

Different stakeholders in the health care system

Week 1: Discussion 1: With so many different stakeholders in the health care system, many with powerful political lobbies, it is understandable that the government has been unable to effectively address the problems of cost, access, and quality. With the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), the government has…

Brazil and United States Healthcare

Abstract The topic of health care has become the most pressing and ongoing debates for not only the United States but also many other nations around the world. Many countries have implemented a universal health coverage for years with effective results. While the United States steps into a immature national health care program, the government…

Health care Transparency

Health care Transparency is openness about the quality of healthcare provided, sharing information whether it be good or bad for the purpose of improvement. In the past, health care transparency was secretive, people did not want to share patent information for reason of privacy to their clients as well to avoid law suits. However there…

Personal Philosophy of Mental Health Nursing

Each individual has their own personal philosophy of mental health nursing. Throughout this paper there will be facts, and my personal thoughts. This is including the following topics; mental health, mental illness, continuum of mental health/mental illness, defense mechanisms, therapeutic tools, and self-awareness in the nurse. The words mental health placed together creates a definition…

Argumentative Essay

In America there are so many people who live without healthcare. President Obama has tried hard to change that known fact by introducing and passing his new Obama Care Act. It is very important for people to have proper healthcare coverage, medical care, affordable medications, and for all healthcare services to be available to everyone,…

Health Care Reform Project

Introduction “By 2030, one in five Americans will be over age 65, and the healthcare system is just beginning to feel the burden. (Matthews, 2013)” Medical technologies, from the discovery of antibiotics to the portable defibrillators in nearly every workplace in the United States, have succeeded in prolonging life. In fact, humans are living about…

Health & Aging among Baby Boomers

Post WWI era babies (around 1946) until a marked slow in the birth rate of children (around 1964) were termed “Baby Boomers.” In time, these youngsters came to remove or, at the very least, redefine traditional values in nearly all aspects of life. The social changes taking place in the United States during this time…

Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment

Short Answer Questions Address the following based on the above assessment findings. Expected answers will be 1-2 paragraphs in length. Cite and reference outside sources used. 1) Compare and contrast identified similarities as well as differences in expected assessment across the childhood age groups. There are so many differences from the toddler stage to school…

High-Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion

High-Risk Families A high-risk family is a family unit that is at an increased risk for emotional, intellectual, or developmental problem because of the type of environment or circumstances that is occurring within the family unit. Adults and children that are involved in these high-risk family units are at a higher risk to develop problems,…

Individual Rights in Health and Social Care

Learning aims covered Learning Aim A: Investigate the rights of individuals using health and social care services Learning Aim B: Examine the responsibilities of employers and employees in upholding service users’ rights in health and social care Scenario You are about to go on work experience at a training centre for young adults with learning…

ABC Healthcare Company

Healthcare companies, like ABC Healthcare, that operate as for-profit entities, are facing a multitude of challenges. The regulatory environment is becoming more restrictive, viruses and worms are growing more pervasive and damaging, and ABC Heathcare’s stakeholders are demanding more flexible access to their systems. The healthcare industry is experiencing significant regulatory pressures that mandate prudent…

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