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Health Essay Examples

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Comparison and Contrast between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers of the National Football League is a tale of two iconic franchises engaged in a figurative war. No guns or bullets, just pigskin and gridiron. The tussle between these two major leagues has been long going and is one of the longest in the National…

Aboriginal Health in Canada: Historical, Cultural, and Epidemiological Perspectives

The Canadian native aboriginals are the original indigenous settlers of North Canada in Canada. They are made up of the Inuit, Metis and the First nation. Through archeological evidence old crow flats seem to the earliest known settlement sites for the aboriginals. Other archeological evidence reveals the following characteristics of the Aboriginal culture: ceremonial architecture,…

Leadership and nurse retention: The pivotal role of nurse leaders

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education in collaboration with the CITATION Thu12 l 1033 (Thurston, 2012)organized a working sectional conference titled Effective Mentoring; Nursing Leadership Practices after Training Completion and development skills for charge nurses. Over 40 experienced professionals from major statewide stakeholders in the Healthcare industry were brought together during this session. Those in…



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The Moral Property of Women: A History of Birth Control Politics in America

Birth control has been in use for several years since time immemorial. In modern day the evolution of medicine and technology has led to the creation of effective and efficient methods of birth control that are available to all age groups of people. The use of a type of birth control is dependent on an…

Vanadium in foods and human body fluids and tissues. Science of the Total Environment

The human body is made up of limitless cells as essential components of various tissues. The entire lot of these cells traces their origin from the ovum, typical cell and the egg cell. The egg cell or ovum is made up of protoplasm and contains nucleus. Immediately after the fertilization, the cell multiplies to form…

Research funding of medical product development

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common ailments in adults especially the old. Over 26.6 million people around the world are affected by the disease with an increase expected in the coming years. So far, there has been no established cure for the disease whose results are pain and suffering in the patients and…

The Obesity Myth: Why America’s Obsession with Weight Is Hazardous to Your Health

The obesity menace is a global pandemic that has to be addressed sooner or later. This is because of the increasing number of unhealthy individuals walking the streets. The irony of the matter is that despite the sorry state of affairs regarding obesity huge amounts of profits continues to trickle to the big fast food…

AIDS essay – Advanced technologies in research, diagnosis and treatment of AIDS and in oncology

            This paper seeks to investigate the research undertaken in third world and developing countries. The extent to which the research goes, how it is regulated, what are the measures that protect the country population from being exploited. What are the regulations of research in Malta?             One regulation is that any research involving biomedical…

Medicine is the biggest epidemic in our time’ was Ivan Illich a prophet or a rumor monger

‘Medicine is the biggest epidemic in our time’ was Ivan Illich a prophet or a rumormonger? Introduction             Ivan Illich is an Austrian philosopher, very popular for his of contribution of theories on the concept of medicalization. He has published many books on medicalization and has presented to a wider public the notion of iatrogenic…

A New Look At Personal Identity

A new look at personal identity Introduction             In his article, “A New Look at Personal Identity,” Michael Allen Fox, argues his opinion on the feisty historic debate about physical and psychological continuity views on personal identity (Fox, 2007). Hebrings in his view of the “self-developed by existential philosophy” as what makes a person. He…

Aphasiology: Disorders and clinical practice

Acquired Aphasia Introduction Abstract             The paper describes aphasia in details and also the challenges that are faced by the individuals who suffer from aphasia. The paper also describes about the executive functioning and what it entail including the relationship between productivity outcomes and executive functions. The paper also highlights the challenges that aphasia patients…

Acupuncture as a nonconventional chronic neck pain treatment

Acupuncture as a nonconventional chronic neck pain treatment Introduction Abstract             Chronic neck pain is an ailment that is characterized by pain in the neck that lasts for a period of more than three months. It is usually different from common medical conditions of neck pains that last for only days. In most occasions, chronic…

Acupuncture as a nonconventional treatment for chronic neck pain

Acupuncture as a nonconventional treatment for chronic neck pain Introduction             IntroductionNeck pain has been classified as one of the commonest problems among the people. This condition arises from various disorders or it may originate from tissues located at the neck (Hush, et al., (2009).The neck is also known as a cervical spine. The necks…

Advantages of Medical Isolation and Quarantine

Advantages of Medical Isolation and Quarantine Introduction             According to many health experts, medical isolation and quarantine does very little in curbing the spread of contagious diseases (Kliff). Although isolation and quarantine tend to have some similarities, they are very different. According to studies, whereas isolation involves the seclusion of people infected with contagious diseases,…

The importance of the meaning and measurement of “affordable” in the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act Introduction             The purpose of this paper is to research about the general health care condition of the United States citizens. The paper also argues about the advantages of individual payment of health insurance as opposed to compulsory insurance. Financial benefits of obamacare affordable care Act are also illustrated throughout the paper….

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