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Health Information Essay Examples

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Health Information Technology Paper

The facility that of Health Care that I have chosen is Bradford Oaks Nursing Rehabilitation Center, Genesis Healthcare, Clinton Md, 20735. This Nursing home is a Long-term and Short-term nursing home with one level floor holding 180 beds and the facility tries to keep the census up to 170 beds. They are owned by Genesis…

Health Information Exchange: Benefits and Concerns

Health Information Exchange is the electronic transmission exchange from one health care professional to another. Health Information Exchange allows health care professionals and patients to appropriately access and securely share patient’s medical information electronically. Our industry is been working hard in the process and development of this new process, for the benefit of the patient…

Releasing Protected Health Information

When it comes to the handling of patient’s records and them being released, it is not an easy process. It is very important for each patient that opts to have their information released for whatever reason sign a release form stating that they authorize their information being released. There are times in which a patient’s…



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Health Information Management System Proposal

Health information technology can be best described as the point where information science, medicine, and healthcare all meet. The foundation of healthcare delivery consists of three major elements: cost, access, and quality. The U.S. government reportedly “hopes most Americans have electronic health records by 2014” (Ramachandran, 2013) .It is my proposal to upgrade to a…

Health information exchange

The Health information exchange or also known as HIE is the sending of healthcare-related data electronically to facilities, health information organizations and government agencies according to national standards. The goal is to be able to access and retrieve data more efficient, safer, and to improve the quality of care and patient safety and reduce healthcare…

Essentials of Health Information Management

Source- oriented medical records are kept together by subject matters, such as data from all laboratory results. Progress notes are all kept together and are written in paragraph format; these entries are filed under a specific sectionalized area in the patient chart and are usually in chronological order. Many facilities use the chronological order because…

Health Information Technology: Electronic Medical Records

Abstract For years the health care industry has explored methods to improve the way patient information is managed. Electronic medical records were developed to solve many, if not all, issues surrounding paper medical records and the management of patient information. Storage, legibility, accessibility and security of medical records are a few of the areas where…

Confidentiality of Health Information

1. Should corrections be date and time stamped? Yes, it is very important to keep track of when changes are made to an individual’s medical records. Any correction made to confidential medical information should be time and date stamped. In addition, the name of the person who makes the changes should be recorded with the…

Document Imaging and the Role of Health Information Management

An automated record system will ultimately replace paper-based record to provide timely access to health information for health surveillance, resource planning, and health care delivery (e. g. , statistical reports can easily be generated to display health care trends, and so on) (Green & Bowie, 2004). According to Green & Bowie (2004), there are three…

Protected Health Information

Question one             According to the US Privacy Rule, protected health information has a broad definition. This has the inclusion of specific health information which could be identifiable for the past, the future or even the present physical health, conditions, mental health, various approaches of providing healthcare to the individual, and the futuristic state, present…

Privacy And Security Concerns Regarding Health Information

Case 4.8 – E-mail Goes Astray Primarily, the technician is the one responsible for the breach in confidentiality because he was the one who sent out the e-mails. Moreover, he did not seek instructions from Kaiser Permanente regarding the backlogged e-mails. Kaiser Permanente hired the technician to upgrade their system. Therefore, tasks other than doing…

Pharmaceutical Companies and How Their Health Information is Managed Through Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are critical to how pharmaceutical companies manage health information. Through the years the Federal Drug Administration saw many problems with the use of clinical trials and worked at fixing them. Regulations and guidance was put into place to ensure that sponsors of clinical trials; medical researchers, ethic committees and pharmaceuticals understand how they…

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