Hazard and Outline Essay

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Hazard and Outline

1 An organization uses small quantities of toxic chemicals.

(a) Identify FOUR possible routes of entry of toxic substances into the body. (4) (b) Explain the differences between acute and chronic health effects.(4) (c) Identify the sources of information which could be used in the assessment of risk of toxic substances. (4) (d) Outline the control measures that might be required in order to minimize risks to workers. (8) 2 Outline EIGHT precautions that should be taken when leaving a fork-lift truck unattended. (8)

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3 Outline the FOUR main categories of guards and safeguarding devices that may be used to minimize the risk of contact with dangerous parts of machinery. (8) 4Outline the main hazard that may be present during the demolition of a building. (8) 5(a)Outline the possible risks to health associated with the use of display screen equipment (DSE) (4)

(b)Identify the features of a chair to ensure it is suitable for use at a DSE workstation.(4) 6 Outline the requirements to ensure the safe evacuation of persons from a building in the event of a fire. (8) 7(a)Identify FOUR mechanical hazards associated with the use of a pedestral drill (4)

(b)Outline FOUR control measures to reduce the risk of injury to operators of Pedestal drills. (4) 8Outline precautions that should be taken to reduce the risk of harm from electrical equipment in a workplace.

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