Harmony Essay Examples

Marital harmony

‘The Taming of the Shrew’ is a play written by Shakespeare in Elizabethan times to examine many complex ideas, including those of social roles and marital harmony. These two in particular relate to the character of Kate, and the way her circumstances change and the way she reacts creates the main interest of the play…. View Article

Accompanies harmony

Harmony: when everything in life is working together. Harmony: a feeling of inner peace, not necessarily contentment or overwhelming joy, just peace. Calm. Harmony is knowing that things are going to work out somehow, even when the world and everything around me seems to be falling apart or coming unglued. If I am in harmony,… View Article

Families of color creating harmony and optical illusions

Modern television production, music videos and movies rely on influential power of colors to capture and hold an audience. Glowing spell bounding colors perceived by bright sunlight originated with advanced study of basic art concepts. In the 1600’s, Newton invented the famous color wheel, providing the standard guideline for combining colors creating a multicolored pleasant… View Article

Perfect Harmony

The passage was taken from Perfect Harmony, a Sufi poem by Ibn ‘Arabi (1165-1240). Sufi poetry is the written exemplification of a Muslim’s journey to find divine love and knowledge through a direct, personal experience of God. The poem is a testament to the poet’s transcendent love affair with a young Persian woman named Nizham,… View Article

Handel – And the glory of the Lord

‘And the glory of the lord’ is a chorus from Handle’s oratorio ‘Messiah’, it is written for a SATB choir with an orchestra accompaniment. It is written in a baroque style because it was written in the 18th Century. The vocal lines can be broken down into 4 different melodic ideas: ‘And the glory, the… View Article

Communal harmony: need of the hour

There is hardly any other country in the world than India which has a great diversity of culture, religion, language, tradition, community etc. People live and think in terms of their respective religions, faiths and tongues, and seek to serve their selfish ends without thinking of the national good. Such thinking is dangerous and is… View Article