Hardy Essay Examples

Pre-1914 prose study

    It reminds the reader that it is a gothic story. The last story called, “The Superstitious Man’s Story” isn’t what is described to be typically gothic, however, and it does include gothic elements. This story isn’t typically gothic because it doesn’t definitely have murders or doppelgangers; the story just persuades the reader to… View Article

Victorian women

How does Thomas Hardy portray Bathsheba Everdene And Fanny Robin as typical representatives of Victorian women? Hardy uses this novel to express his prolific writing style, which involves introducing his characters slowly as the play goes on. He explores the characters and their influences and participation in the plot with intense detail. Far from the… View Article

The Madding Crowd

The first thing the reader sees is the chapter heading, and in Hardy’s case, he uses chapter headings as a summary for the chapter; “Mistress and Men” implies a Mistress holding power over men. It is this subversion of gender roles, which lends the attraction for ladies of leisure in the 1900s, and also generates… View Article

The Madding Crowd

When Fanny is trying to get Troy’s attention she throws a snowball at his window but her throw misses the window and Hardy describes this as ‘the throw was the idea of a man conjoined with the execution of a woman… with such imbecility’. This shows Hardy’s views on women and how they are looked… View Article

Far from the madding crowd

Then with the male symbolism coming into use, with Troy’s demonstration with the ‘raised’ sword, which ‘like a living thing’ both cuts and ‘thrusts’. This phallic symbolism is used to express ideas seen as controversial at the time. In this chapter, we see the characters take on typical Romantic novel stereotypes, Troy taking a fascination… View Article

All Romances end in Marriage

By this time Bathsheba was in love with Troy or believed she was. Troy also thought he was in love yet it was only infatuation. “Bathsheba loved Troy in the way that only self-reliant women love when they abandon their self-reliance” This shows that Bathsheba has given up her independence that she relied on in… View Article

The madding crowd

What can I say about this book? For 474 pages worth, this was disappointing. Thomas Hardy must have known something I didn’t, because this book didn’t do anything for me. And I don’t think it can do anything for you. Don’t get me wrong, the plot is an original one- a woman being harassed and… View Article

A pair of blue eyes

With reference to the first seven chapters, show how Hardy uses the novels setting to develop character It has been said by many critics, that the main focus of Hardy’s pre-19th century novel “The Return of the Native”, is none of the characters, but the almost animate heath land upon which it is set. Hardy’s… View Article

Loss in The Voice?

The other poem that we have been studying is called “The Voice” and it is about the death of Thomas Hardy’s wife, Emma. The marriage had come to an end and Emma had left Hardy. Later after the split Emma had become ill and she had died tragically. Thomas Hardy had felt remorse and sadness… View Article

Enter Thomas Hardy

Enter Thomas Hardy, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Robert Browning, Gerard Manley Hopkins and William Blake. The poets are seated around a small table in a crowded and agitated Chinese restaurant, at the heart of Texas. After the initial shock and excitement of their unwonted experience, they all meditate on the state of the world in which… View Article