Guardian Essay Examples

A comparative analysis of broadsheet and tabloid newspapers

A newspaper is a publication which contains news information and advertising. All over the world, people buy and read newspapers every day in various different languages. The first printed newspaper was published in 1605 and sales rapidly increased from then on, however, sales are not as high as they used to be because of our… View Article

A Comparison of newspaper articles- four editorials

Newspapers have long been a mean of communication between the general public and the world. They usually state facts and opinions about an important event that has taken place in the world, which would be of interest. This news can range from political views to showbiz to world affairs. One thing that we do not… View Article

A critical review of a story in the press

The story I have chosen to review is about Derek Bond, a 72 year old pensioner from Bristol. Mr Bond was arrested by South African authorities, when he arrived for a family holiday with his wife in South Africa. Mr Bond was detained at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, on suspicion of… View Article

Analyse item 1 a newspaper article from ‘ The Guardian’

I am writing an assignment which is on media. The two sources I have been given to analyse is a leaflet from ‘ The Salvation Army’ and a newspaper article from ‘ The Guardian. ‘ Both are based on the subject of homelessness. The problem of homelessness is a very unsettled issue. It is evident… View Article

Citizenship coursework B: critical commentary

The two articles are taken from two different newspapers, The Sun and The Guardian. The Sun is a well known right wing newspaper that sometime verges on xenophobia, however it has supported the Labour party in the last three elections. The Guardian is a left wing newspaper that is a favourite with many teachers and… View Article

Compare and contrast the front covers

I am going to look at the front pages of The Sun and the Guardian. The Guardian and The Sun are two totally different newspapers, as one is a tabloid paper, and the other is a broadsheet paper. Their approach to reporting is totally different, as The Guardian tends to be more formal than The… View Article

Taunted to Death and Bullied Girl Kills Herself – Compare and сontrast

The two articles, ‘Taunted to Death’ and ‘Bullied Girl Kills Herself’, both report the same incident, which happened on Sunday 28th September 1997. The incident involved a young girl called Kelly Yeoman who killed herself. ‘Taunted to Death’ is the report from a tabloid newspaper, ‘The Daily Star’, and ‘Bullied Girl Kills Herself’ is from… View Article

Bio-fuels and how effective they truly

If compared with utilizing fossil fuels, research studies on biofuels show that first generation biofuels can be projected to have 60% carbon emission reduction while utilization second generation biofuels can reduce up to 80%. Figure 4 shows the CO2 reduction particularly in the transport sector with the use of biofuels and other GHG reduction strategies…. View Article

Catholic Moral Analysis of “The Guardian”

“The Guardian” is a 2006 action/drama film which stars Kevin Costner in the lead role. Ben Randall is a highly-qualified rescue swimmer who is usually called upon every time there is a victim to be rescued at sea. While on a rescue mission, he loses his entire crew at sea in a fatal chopper crash,… View Article